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I thought I’d start this thread so we can enumerate any topics here, as per subject. This way @Raptisoft can reference just one place as opposed to trawling through many threads.


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    If we can download levels in order to play them when offline. I play RwK while commuting underground so no internet. In the old RwK, I would find a level before commuting, then download it. Once I’m underground, I can play that level. In the new RwK, this is not possible anymore. A level I have previously played is redownloaded and so when I’m underground (or anywhere with no internet) I can’t play the level. A way to download levels and play offline and/or perhaps save favourite levels?
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    ISSUE #1:

    The search function in Maker Mall is not working as it should. The update from a few days ago fixed the ordering but when ordering from ‘newest to oldest’, only the last 10 new levels are shown. When then selecting ‘show more’, it seems to load the oldest levels again. Also the ‘Hot Levels’ and ‘New Levels’ sections are not producing the correct results.
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    BUG #1:

    The haxxor bug is still there, a similar one is the boss bug. In the former, a door won’t open if you move away from the computer too quickly after activating it. With the latter, when you kill two bosses too quickly in succession, only 1 boss door will open.
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    Any chance you could make the menu popup like before, ie by tapping the robot?
  • Thanks fnanfe,
    Bug #2: app randomly crashes.

    Either during an ad, or if I turn off the phone and resume a level. In both instances, the app freezes and after about 10 seconds, the app closes.
  • ISSUE #2:

    The app to delete the zoom app is missing from the Maker Mall
  • ISSUE #3:

    This may or may not be intentional but bitcoins are not visible on the map.
  • I was wondering too if the invisible bitcoins were intentional. In some ways I like it, it can make it a challenge to hunt them down.
    It might be nice though, in the future, if there could be an option to make them visible/invisible map-wise. Maybe something near the slider for belt speed.
  • Thread bookmarked for RwK update.
  • To me the biggest issues are the haxxor bug and the way levels populate after you search for a users levels.
  • ISSUE #4:

    The "View Messages" area under Account in the Maker Mall appears to be empty all the time, is this for future use or are comment notifications supposed to be in here?

    Not sure how to put this... please consider making 'level stats' stick for played levels. When I play a level I have already previously played and rated, this dialog would pop up regardless. Sometimes I can't recall if I gave the level a like or not and so I would like again and I'm not sure if this would add an additional like but I think it does!

    Similarly, when a level designer plays his/her own level, their attempts/wins should not be tallied. Currently it is, evident by looking at the extremely difficult level I created called "Sticky Ascend". I clocked this level twice right after uploading it and saw the tally. Meaning only one person to date has finished the level lol.
  • ISSUE #5:

    Ads and ad downloads. Lately, RwK crashes when I download an advertised app/game, not sure if you get awarded anything in such a case but if you don't, it would be a bummer. I tried closing RwK completely before going on an "ad watching binge" and this used to work only for a short while, now it doesn't.
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    ISSUE #6: (Following on from ISSUE #1)

    Levels get lost on many fronts. Basically, only the last ~10 levels of anything gets displayed. (I'm not testing/using any filter tags atm)

    As an example, searching for Fomb's levels, not all his/her levels are shown, eventually, the "show more" button disappears, presumably indicating that all said maker's levels have loaded. The last level enumerated is actually his/her latest one! I tested this with Rastapopoulon's levels too, it fells well short.

    So I don't think any players can get to any older levels unless explicitly searching for the level in question.

    EDIT, there appears to be one way to get to all levels...
    1. Search all levels from "newest first"
    2. Scroll down the list of 10, tap show more
    3. The oldest levels are now being loaded, as per ISSUE #1
    4. But, keep scrolling as ALL the levels are now being loaded from OLDEST to newest, tapping show more and it seem to enumerate pretty accurately. 
    This is a sneaky workaround but the more levels are uploaded the more this will become troublesome.

    Following on from suggestion #1, it would be great to have a tab called “Currently playing levels” or similar which lists all the levels you’re currently playing
  • @fnanfne YES to the currently playing levels tab

    Okay. So I want to suggest reverting the bug fix for the one-way semi-passable barrier. Hear me out.

    I've now seen at least three levels where it is possible to pass through this barrier. 

    So what's happened is that the bug got fixed so as to stop it being passable and with the same stroke, broke all the brilliance it had but now this barrier is still passable but without any of the brilliance!
  • I agree @fnanfne, the old barriers were so much more brilliant and provided so many creative options.
    I'm afraid they are gone for good. I don't think he'll change them back, and unless the game starts making a ton of money I don't think he'll be willing to do the official beta idea I had.

    Ha, I had noticed the passibility of the new barriers when he "fixed" them but was afraid that if I included them in a level it'd be re-fixed. I guess the cat's out of the bag. Time to use it. ;)
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    Cat’s out of the bag hahahaha!!! I have download every app I’ve seen advertised and watched every single ad, just my contribution alone must be bucket load by the plentiful, surely!
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