Forum Stuff-- New Members Please Read

Hi all,

I wanted to explain for the benefit of new forum members that are here to ask questions, etc, how and why your first post on the forum doesn't appear.

Due to incredible spam issues (this forum is regularly assaulted by spammers) I have to manually approve the first post from each new member.  I go into the queue at least once every 24 hours to approve these.

So please be patient!  If you have an urgent new post (for instance, a bug or solving a level), drop me a private message requesting approval.  I receive those via e-mail within about an hour or so, so the response will be faster.



  • Hi I’m loving hoggy 2 but I’m stuck on the moon base level have made it to the end ( the room with the bomb wall all the way round and 8 bomb and red block ) just seems like anything I do just blows up the room leaving me and the boss left with nothing to do I’ve tried going down the gaps off screen but just comes up with “not a secret “ am I missing something.. thanks
  • edited August 2017
    HI dazzad21, for this question, please post it in to get a response about it :) I think you'll get a response faster there.
  • Hi I made a few comments and wanted to make a discussion post, but I have yet to be approved. If you see this Mr. Raptisoft, please allow me contribute on your forum.
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