Anwser about ANY question about Hoggy 2

Hello ! If you have any questions about Hoggy 2, ask it here, and I will anwser you very quickly.

Some precisions:

--> 220 levels in Hoggy 2
--> 3 "miniboss"
--> 3 big boss (3 phase each)
--> 21 stars
--> 7 secrets (you have to end "?" jar with Hoggy acorn

--> 40 levels of Hoggy 1 is in Hoggy 2 too

--> It's normal in makermall do not have all items to the start. If you Play to Hoggy 2, you will receive Karma for each level you won for upgrade your level.

--> when you will won the game to 100%, it's normal you don't have all items on makermall. You will reach Level 16.

--> for upgrade other levels and other items like trigger, you have to create and share your levels, and if people love your levels, people can drop a karma and stars to your levels.

--> when you have enough Karma for upgrade, you can upgrade and unlock more items on makermall.

--> Level 19 is max level in makermall for unlock items. After 19, it's just for the proud, because after Level 19, you don't unlock anything.

--> On pc version (demo) You can share a maximum of 3 levels. For share more of 3 levels, you have to purchase the game.
-> for open Hoggy 1 levels door, you have to post on your twitter account "#hoggy" and copy link of your tweet, and paste on "tell me how" section of the door. You will receive a code. Tap this code in the door, and that's it !

--> any other question ? Solutions ? or other ? Ask here and I will anwser !


  • How do you beat jar 208? I might just be missing something simple but I can't figure this one out. Any help would be great!
  • I will help you !
  • edited July 17
    Check your PM :D
  • Of course! Why didn't I see that?! Thank you so much!
  • Yo welcome !
  • I thought I saw somewhere that Hoggy and Hogatha play differently or have different skills or something like that but I can't find it anymore. Are there any diffierences in gameplay between them or is it purely cosmetic? Thank you!
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    It's just purely cosmetic. HOWEVER, listen music of the hub! With Hogatha, music of hub change a little bit.It's the only difference. Other is just cosmetic.
  • Thanks Rasta!
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