Updates on iOS11/Android ports

Just keeping you in the news: Still progressing on Keep port.  Screen size is requiring a lot of refining work, and I'm also throwing in a few new things because, well, some new things would be fun after all this time.  There will be some random tougher minibosses sprinkled throughout the keep.  I'm even looking into importing some of the Solomon Dark graphics, since now I have more memory and texture space (don't get excited, this won't happen if I end up too much overtime).

Keep will be ad driven, but if you've ever bought Bribe Destiny, Cold Magic, Wizard Skins, or Pimp my Cabinet, you will not see ads.  All those purchases will be moved to free now with the only purchases in Keep being to buy gold and turn off ads.

Bribe destiny is going to work a little differently: it will require the tutor to teach it to you, which he will be happy to do for gold.

You will also have the option to receive gold by watching an ad, etc-- updating to all the "new ways" of mobile games.

For game purists, as long as you either have bought a legacy feature, or turn off the ads, you have the option to never see any of this modern stuff.

The bad news: Apple's 64-bit overhaul is going to invalidate all the existing game files.  I don't have any way to cure this at all, the size of certain things in memory is just different.  My apologies.

So, still moving along... the port IS taking longer than I expected, because of the wildly different screen sizing (and sadly, I hard coded everything to exact positions for the smaller iPhone screen of yesteryear).  I am also finding out why nobody else could do this port. :D



  • Oh and, all android volunteers, as long as you sent me a private message, I'll be contacting you.  You can continue to apply right up until I actually deliver the APK.
  • Thanks for the update and awesome work. I'm really looking forward to the beta!

    Out of curiosity: if I bought stuff on my iPhone years ago and I switched to Android, will I be able to link my iTunes and Play accounts to keep my purchases? I guess no, right?
  • @ Ananasso All your purchase can be restore with Apple. If you have buy a thing, you will be able to restore it !
  • Just curious, have you guys decided on how much the ad removal will cost?
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    Ananasso: Ha!  Google and Apple don't play well together, so that won't work.
    Khaos: I am leaning toward $4.99 as the standard ad removal price in all my games. HOWEVER: I am willing to make a deal with returning customers.  With the way the market is right now, frankly, it's MUCH BETTER if people DON'T remove the ads... but I don't want to ad-blast the sincere players, just the freeloaders. 
  • If you have the option of buying Gold and other items via app purchase, you could decrease the amount of ads based on the number of purchases made.
  • I think 4.99 is a fair price. A little steep for me but I think that's because CDN is down right now and purchases aren't 1:1 anymore between CDN and USD. Otherwise I think it's a good price for that. :)
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    It's definitely a fair price for what you get. I think I've never played any other mobile game as long as this one. Really excited for some testing :D
  • Hi i really love the solomon games but i chose Android instead od iOS and i miss Them. Please let me test
  • Ahhhhhhh it's finally happening :)
    4.99 for full access for Solomon's keep alone (no ad-blasting) seems high If that's how it is when all three solomon games finally get ported
  • It's on the road SK for ios 11
  • If you think $4.99 is too high, then buy one of the three things I've listed above quickly, before the update goes out.

    The ultra-low price for quality games isn't sustainable... it's slow death for developers.  That's why everyone's gone over to ads.
  • $4.99 is well worth it even $10 is decent for such a good game
  • I think that's fair because we are fans, but consider someone who's never seen the game? I'd definitely not pay $10 for a mobile game I've never played.
    Just a little suggestion about the ads, maybe have them start a little into the game, after the first couple floors so someone new can get a feel for the game first and then decide I'd they're willing to pay the $4.99 for the ad removal. Having ads detracts from the experience and interrupts the flow and feel of the game, and while I think the game is good enough to be worth paying a bit for, it's because or the experiences I've had in the past. Without having that experience, it's hard to judge if you want to spend it or not. I think that new players would be more open and inclined to pay if they've had the opportunity to enjoy it for what it is, at least for a little bit.

    On a different note, any way for android users to get in on the cheaper prices now?:33
  • always these nebulous announcements ;p can we hope for an android beta test soon? Or alpha ^^
  • Not for "now" but soon :)
  • So it's still weeks to months away? :D
  • It's days.  I have to finish the iOS11 version first, because of the Apple deadline, but the second I do I will drop an Android version.
  • Good luck! Keep up the good work, we're all rooting for you :)
  • That's what i like to hear! I can't even tell you how excited I am to know that I will finally be able to play these games again! Thank you for being awesome!
  • Days. Days! Till my favorite game ever.
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    >>TFW all Solomon games fans are secretly a cult who are just obsessed with Raptisoft games
    >>it's a good thing right lord rapti?
  • How many hours :)
  • Look in the mirror with all the electronics on in the bathroom at exactly midnight saying, "Raptisoft... Raptisoft... Raptisoft!" And then press refresh or search Google play to find that it's been delayed another week or so because coding is Hella cumbersome
  • Okay, slight update... it's ported both to Android and iOS 11, I am just chasing down some problem with loading the save games that causes it to crash at random spots at random times.  That's the last bug before I drop some apks, but it's a doozy, very difficult to trace down.
  • Good luck :)
  • Raptisoft's Game: Apple ShutDown-Free Editon
  • Winter is coming
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