Solomon's Keep for Android

Ever since I played this game on my friend's iPod touch, this has been my most favorite mobile game of all. I even bought and iPod touch for the sole purpose of playing this game! However, I don't have any iOS devices after I sold that iPod touch. I am stoked for the android release and hoping that it will come soon. More power to you Raptisoft!


  • Thanks!  I am too, because I've tried to get people to port this game for ages, and every time they flake out on me.  This time I finally have someone I've known for years that I know can do the job.
  • Any dates yet? Way too keen for this game
  • Just FYI, there will never ever be any dates.  When I give a date on anything the universe re-adjusts itself to make the date impossible, often via tragedy, so I am far too skittish to ever do it.

    However, every time someone replies to this thread or the other SK Android thread, I paste it to the guy who's porting it, so apply pressure at whatever level you deem civil and appropriate!
  • Hehe xD
  • I am so glad to hear you guys are making this for Android I can't wait to play this game again I've really missed it.
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    Lol Raptisoft you should send them the wall of text i put up in the Dark Modding/Freezing issue thread. if that doesn't express the length we'd go through just to get some boneyard action on windows i dunno what will :D
  • Every time this thread gets bumped I get a little more excited, then I realise its not the release of SK :(
  • But I should be back to work on it soon!  With Hoggy I'm finding lots of things that need to be updated for the newer versions of all these OS's, but once that's all done I won't have to go through the same process for Solomon.  Plus I'll be able to beta test Solomon on various systems, instead of just Windows like Hoggy.
  • Hi Raptisoft. Just a quick question. What are your plans for Android Solomon? Will it be a free game with in-app purchases? Or will there be an initial payment?
  • Probably same as iOS-- initially 99 cents, free in maybe a year.  I need to recoup the cost of porting it.
  • Any news on the port? :D
  • This game is an absolute steal for that price. I think it's worth much more, but I think its better to price it conservatively, to attract more players. I think I'll just grab a few in app purchases once it is released.
  • I use unity3d, you should do it to so you can launch in multiplatforms!
  • I would be using Unity if Unity was PURELY a coding language... but all the stuff you have to set up with cameras and objects and actors and key grips and gaffers makes it very difficult for me to work with it-- breaks up the whole workflow.
  • Ever thought about an in game option to donate voluntarily? (Additional to those 99 cents)
  • Yeah-- I believe either Keep or Boneyard has an optional "donate a buck."  But in general, I prefer to offer something for the money!

  • Oh man. It would be a Dream come true if Solomon Keep would be Released on Android you cant imagine how much i played this game when i was younger i would definitly play it 24/7 . But its kinda Forgotten right i mean it doesnt say a year but is this Current anyways maybe i can borrow my friends Ipad so i can play it again For a time i really loved that game. I think the most new mobile games kinda suck not that theyr bad just not as Enjoyable, every game is pretty much the same.
  • I'd be super interested in this game for Android and would be willing to throw money at it!
  • Holy Smokes!! I decide to keep on my favorite game and see if any news has come and I see it GREENLIGHT on STEAM. check the android forum and I see you have a GUY who is doing this. WELL I hope you read this GUY who is doing the port. I can not wait and I am beyond excited for this game.
  • Checking back multiple times everyday for the good news. Hoping it will be released soon!
  • Every time anyone posts on this thread I forward it to him.
  • I want i want i want !!! :D Android remake AND IOS update ! XD
  • Fee fi foe I wanna play it now xD
  • Ita been realeased....
  • This is exciting, Solomon's Keep was and still is my favorite mobile game, you just got that perfect combination with it. Definitely plan on buying and recommending it when I can!
  • Been watching this thread since it started and i dunno, doesn't seem like this is gonna happen. I'd throw money at this on Kickstarter or something. There's gotta be a way to actually get a finished product in the Play Store.
  • Is there any news on this? I would also this money at a Kickstarter or something to get this on Android.
  • There's news... it's in progress.  Going slower than I hoped, but even if he doesn't finish it, it's probably to the point where I can take it over from him and finish it myself if it comes to that.
  • I've never been so exited for a mobile game release before. So far on any device it's the only one I've viewed as a legitimately good quality mobile game and I too would pour into a kickstarter if it would help. Will be playing it as soon as it's released and recommend it to anyone!

    I know you can't give a date, but can you let us know, should we be expecting weeks, months... many months? Eons? I'm sure we all just want idea, seems like there is quite a bit of progress both for Android and PC.
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