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Hello! As I'm new to RwK level designing, I'm thrilled that my 3 PB levels have been rated so well. I'm currently working on PB4, and I would love to hear any criticisms you may have and any advice or requests you'd be willing to give for future installments.

Specifically, I haven't come up with any creative ways to use those green lava boxes, and haven't found any interesting ways to incorporate the helmet app. If anyone could please refer some levels that use those two things in a way that might inspire me I'd deeply appreciate it.

Thanx in advance!


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    PB4 is uploaded and available for play! I Incorporated a couple of what I feel are fairly unique puzzles with the green acid block, but still haven't come up with a way to use the helmet that satisfies me. Any suggestions and criticisms are much appreciated.

    I do hope my "herding" of the flying monsters throughout the entire level, until their final use as Cannon fodder to expose the kitty, is something people will enjoy. I personally haven't seen it done before, and I hope it gives a sense of continuity throughout the level. I am a little concerned that taking so long to give the robot a weapon may tire some people, but I put a great deal of thought and effort into pacing, and I hope I've included elements all will enjoy.

    Please give me some feedback! Thanks in advance
  • FYI, it is possible to go through the level and kill every single monster. You just have to get to the room at the conclusion with the kitty and rocket up on the left. Enjoy!
  • 5 Stars. But you forgot to paint a few blocks. :-@
  • try my levels. My levels is rated 5 stars in majority. Search by name. my name is rastapopoulon. OR, if you want, my level names is simple. Level 1, level 2... etc My last level is level 13 i think.
  • Oh damnit... I did forget a few blocks. Fixed. Sorry about that
  • Thank you sir, I have played most of your levels and loved them. I'd say that you are a big reason why I chose to create my own series.
  • Thank you so much moochir ! I will create "level 14" in few time just for this beautiful comment. Thank you for have playong to my levels ! :)
  • Thank you Rasta, you're awesome. Very much looking forward to your level

    Unfortunately, I can no longer rate levels or post new levels. It keeps asking for a login, and every time I try to login, it crashes out before I can even complete typing in my user/password etc. I've hard booted my iPhone, tried to make a new login etc etc and nothing works. I have a fully updated iPhone 6s if anyone has any advice
  • PB5 is uploaded and available to play! I've included some puzzles that I've personally never seen before, and used the blue boss in a way I've never seen. I'd love to see other examples!

    This is a looong level, and I hope I've included elements that all will have fun with. As always, any and all criticisms are deeply appreciated. Enjoy!
  • Pretty fun. Looks nice, but too many checkpoints for it to be a challenge. I've never seen anyone use the forcefields to make a passage for the blue boss. Nice job.
  • I agree about the checkpoints. I had less, but with the map so large I didn't want casual players players to get lost. So yeah, there is a "riding on rails" vibe to it, and not a big challenge. But I hope it's a fun ride. I feel it was the right choice for this level
  • As a postscript to my post above, I do tend to create difficult levels, then go back and "dumb them down" a bit and make them easier with the casual player in mind. I've been considering making smaller, more challenging levels for the RwK obsessed, and not naming them PB#, saving the PB# series only for huge levels that attempt to use every resource and have a broad appeal to players of all aptitude levels
  • I for one do appreciate the rails to a certain degree - and there are still fatal pitfalls you can blunder into if you get off the rails. I put in a solid 45 minutes only to end up on the wrong side of a teleport that I couldn't get back through, without the green card that would allow me to to move forward and had to restart. Really nice, well thought out level though. Thanks so much for making it.
  • Holy crap... I had no idea you could activate a blinking gate through a solid block with no upgrades to the blaster... I just now had to try multiple times ramming the block with with blaster blazing before I could replicate what happened to you... what a stupid glitch! Sorry about that... I spent a huge amount of time testing the level to find probs like that too... damnit!
  • I enjoyed playing the level, neat tricks/bugs you're utilising!
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