Can't Bribe Destiny the 'Creativity' Spell

As the title says, I cannot seem to unlock creativity with Bribe Destiny... wondering if it's a glitch or normal


  • Which game? Keep or Boneyard? I definitely managed to do so once in the former.
  • Boneyard, can't seem to Bride it. Also, never seem to get it unless I choose it as a starting perk
  • It doesn't let you because the game assumes if you're bribing, you don't need creativity (since you can just pick anything you want anyway).
  • So is there any reason I can't get creativity normally then? Been 10 characters to level 24 and none got the option. Remember baxk in the days you got it atleasy once a character
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    That is true but only if you can afford the bribery cost if you run out of gold your stuck with 3 choices only. A few updates ago one used to be able to buy creative via the bribery tree and if you ran out of gold you at least had creative to fall back on. A method to the madness as one would say hehehe.
  • @war2k

    Do you happen to know which update specifically. I do not believe creative was ever on the tree. 

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    where it's always been for the last few years

    it remains disabled in the tree while bribery is on.
  • Yes of course you are correct. It is just disabled.
  • I still never get it sadly :/ is it bugged?
  • Well right now creativity will not unlock while having bribery enabled. So the best thing to do would be to save up enough gold to not have to worry about the cost for using bribery per level up. Or just not use bribery and then you can activate creative once you get to the req'd level or buy the creative perk for that run instead of bribery or both if you are confident enough to lose a diff perk in trade.
  • I never get the option to get creativity even with bribe destiny off, and it's been well over 20 characters level 24 atm,... is it bugged?
  • @catnipe101

    Well, it is intended not bugged. You can only get creativity by creativity perk thingy.
  • Before you used to be able to get a choice of creativity as a level up at one point, when did that get removed? I remember that was available in Boneyard on iOs back in early 2010s
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