Quick Update, 2/3/2018

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Hi everyone, first thanks for all the inquiries about my health, etc... we had a family emergency that required travel to see a family member who had surgery and was almost killed by her medications.  I tried to post a couple updates while there, but I stupidly had set up the forum some time ago to not accept "fake" posts from me from the wrong IP after my account got hacked about 1.5 years ago. 

My apologies!

I'll respond to everything on Monday, I am currently having to do incredibly amounts of cleanup after being dmore or less disconnected for a week.  I'm a little behind now, but on the schedule is, update Boneyard, update RwK with some new tiles, and get Chuzzle 2 out, and then Solomon, Solomon, Solomon.

Talk to you Monday!


  • I hope everything is okay with your family member

  • But everyone is okay now and that's something to take comfort in. Don't forget to take a moment to relax yourself and rid yourself of some of your stress. :D
  • As long as you are fine, im good. “Keep” up the good work.
  • Yep, I'm back now.  I actually spent the last two days working on Chuzzle 2, and I'm almost 75% done with the whole game, heh.  Though I am going to take a break from it soon to update Boneyard and RwK.  But right this second I'm trying to get Chuzzle 2 to a state where Popcap games can either say "yes, we want to publish it" or "nah, we pass" (they get rights of first refusal).
  • Oh so a different publisher can publish part 2 even though they didn't publish part 1?
  • Yes another publisher can. But ONLY if Popcap chooses not to publish Chuzzle 2. As Popcap is now owned by EA can there is a chance this will happen.
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