New levels and hot levels?

Love the update, just wondering what the deal is with the ‘new levels’ and ‘hot levels’ categories in Maker Mall?

I assumed they would just order all levels by most recent or most highly rated (like in the old Kitty Connect) but right now there are no new levels showing up for me, and only about 8 hot levels.

For example, I made a new level just yesterday (‘The time is meow’, if anyone is interested) and it doesn’t show up on either list. Is there any way you could re-jig these new list categories to match the Kitty Connect functionality, where players can just keep scrolling through full lists of levels?

The only way I can see to just show a list of levels from newest to oldest is by using the search function and not typing anything. I can’t see any way to show a list of highest rated levels. Am I missing something?

Otherwise, great job!


  • I think it's a bit flaky. I noticed there was an update for RwK (usually I get a notification when accessing Maker Mall that there is an update, not this time) and when I updated, I noticed that the ordering of the levels are now correct, in that the newest levels are indeed shown when selecting "Newest First", however, only the last 10 new levels are displayed. When clicking "Show More", I then start seeing the oldest levels again. Something's amiss.

    At the moment, tapping "New Levels" shows nothing and tapping "Hot Levels" includes a few that clearly are not.
  • I’m glad it’s not just me, then! How it gets updated soon.

    I used to love sorting Kitty Connect levels by rating, then scrolling through and finding a good one I hadn’t played for ages.
  • Glad it’s not just me then!
  • Update either late Feb or early March, I hope!
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