Hoggy 2 endgame glitch

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So I just finished beating the last(?) boss in Hoggy 2 (the guy who jumps around the bricked area in the spaceship while you lead him toward exploding boxes) on my iPod running IOS 10.3.3. I picked up the two acorns, broke the bricks, reunited with my Hoggy-child...

...and the game glitched (I believe). The viewpoint suddenly swung wildly to the left, showing various parts of the map, then settled in a location with nothing there but some jars I'd finished. The controls wouldn't do anything. I left it alone for a few minutes and it didn't change, so I went to the main menu and then ran the game again. This time when I came back there was an evenly-spaced star field on the screen, but the controls still didn't do anything, so I let it sit for a few minutes again, and when it didn't change again I went to the main menu and then exited and killed the process (by swiping it to the top of the screen), then ran the program again and loaded my save file...and there was the star field on the screen again. So I exited again and powercycled the iPod, restarted Hoggy 2, loaded my game, and...star field with no control response. That's all the game will do now.

What the heck? I'm assuming this is a glitch, since I have to assume there should have been credits or something else. But I'm hoping there's some workaround since it'd be a real pisser if my save file was permanently corrupted just after I beat the final(?) boss.


  • Hi there,

    Please go into settings, scroll down to "H@xxor Stuff" and enter the code "FIXHOGGY"

    That should take you back to where you were.  You can also type "UNWIN" to re-play the boss levels if it glitched really terribly and messed up.  But, after FIXHOGGY you should be able to go up to where the moonbase was, jump down, and find the win screen.

  • FIXHOGGY did the trick. Thanks very much!

    And thanks also for the game, and all the games you've created--they're among my favorites. The level design in Hoggy 2 was outstanding (or I should say diabolical...I cursed y'all plenty, but usually with a smile), and I'm ready to go back through RWK again. Can't wait to see what you do next.
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