Questions about iOS 11 RWK

In the maker mall what is the box with the coin in it that says “open?”


  • I’m also confused as to what the lever is for
  • The coin box is the new bitcoin door. Collect all the coins and the coin door opens.

    The lever changes the direction of the conveyor belt.
  • Thanks fomb!

    What is a star level?

    Is there a way to save or flag levels as favorites in the maker mall?

    I really like the additions and updates, great job @raptisoft!
  • You're welcome @kyleseglin! :)

    Well, each level maker is given a couple of stars and when you level up (by making levels and people liking them) you get a couple more per level.
    If you find levels you really like you can give them a star.
    Star levels then kind of imply that people really like that level a lot, more than just giving it a thumbs up.
  • Note that at there is a very simple tutorial that gives a quick description of everything in the game.
  • "Is there a way to save or flag levels as favorites in the maker mall?"

    This has been a consistent request for a long time, I hope you'll make something like this happen in future updates @Raptisoft! Also the ability to save the levels. This way, one can save a few and then play at a time when there's no internet (commuting underground)
  • @fnafne... yes, it's in my list of todo's... it will PROBABLY happen soon, honestly-- that's the kind of thing I like to do like after I hit a milestone on another project.  I also wanted to add in the ability to make levels "open source" so that other players can download and modify.
  • Cool no pressure of course, as always. Just putting it under your radar, if not already there.
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