A New Idea for RWK

Ok, one more try.Here is what I think is a fantastic idea, and fantastic on several levels.How about this, you release an “official Beta” of RWK with all the glitches we’re all desperately trying to get you to keep. You could do this in the same fashion as the actual beta, invite only. Maybe even making requirements for those wanting to join in the future (like they must have made levels on the Official RWK and maybe a regular contributor).There are two really good reasons this might be beneficial to all of us. First, those of us wanting these glitches would have a place to make glitchy/extra-hard levels (maybe, if you prefer, we’d pull all of our super-hard levels here even those without glitches). We’d get what we want and you wouldn’t have to worry about emails or people thinking levels were unbeatable.
Second, and this one might appeal to you even more, the Official Beta would be where everyone was trying to exploit all of the game mechanics/glitches. Any new glitch with any new block would be easily discovered and we’d be (honor system) expected to report new glitches we discovered. It’d basically be a RWK lab for streamlining the official release. Also, you could have us play test new ideas, even ones you’re not totally sure about and see how the Beta folks deal with it. If it turns out like you like, it’s in, if not, leave it in the Beta (or not).In addition to these two mutually beneficial outcomes, you’d be able to collect data on how many people are drawn to the Beta and how that might reflect on possible changes to the official release.I know this translates into more work (though a ton of it has to be copy and paste), but you’d essentially have a RWK lab where people are mining data for your official release, these data miners happy to do so. I can’t help but think it would be enormously valuable in so many ways.And, of course, us Beta folks wouldn’t care if a few things were off (crystal numbering thing, alignment issues, whatever) so it wouldn’t take constant upkeep to polish. We ourselves are a little rough around the edges too. ;)
What do you think?
….oh, also, in full honest disclosure, I have found a few glitches that I dare not mention because I think they’re cool and I know if I make them known they’ll disappear almost immediately. This “official beta” would be a safe place for us to freely report glitches, even the ones we think are really cool.


  • I like this "Official Beta" idea Fomb (maybe we can also call it "Kitty Connect" :D) however, to make the cut, I'll definitely have to sharpen my level making non-skills lo!

    Was wondering when the first glitch would be found and sounds like you have a few already, I'm dying to know how useful and fun they are!
  • I'll consider this.  A project like this is mostly about time.  I'll have to see how RwK performs... it was never a high performing game, but having the ads in it might change that, because it did get a fair amount of traffic.

  • I take it upon myself to watch at least three videos before I start a session and I'll install some apps advertised as well, all in the hope that this would.

    I think if we all do this, then there'd be some substantial funding behind this and any future endeavours!
  • It'll get at LEAST one update, to fill out those remaining blocks.  If usage picks up a little bit, one of those empty spaces will be a trigger block, too, because I know that really opens up the possibilities.  But I will probably save all the best of the best stuff for the semi-sequel.

  • Great! And about funding, if the Official Beta app itself cost something, that would be cool with me. But like Fnanfne said, we could help with the ad clicking. Maybe there could be a specific ad place that we could click through a bunch in our downtime to help out. It could make some money, especially if the lure of secret techniques pulls more traffic than you might think. I wouldn't be surprised if a secret RWK lab ends up being a popular thing. And with all the potential past levels to upload to it, it would be more or less instantly populated with a huge library (and I bet quickly flooded with new levels)
    Anyway, thanks for thinking about it.
    I think it could be a great thing for us all.
  • “in full honest disclosure, I have found a few glitches that I dare not mention”.
    Same here :)

    One glitch though is advertising. Most of the time I click on yes to show me an advert, the app crashes. I recently updated to IOS11. If I can’t click, I can’t support :)
  • Yeah there’s a glitch or two I’ve found also, we need a safe space for sharing hahah
  • See, we would be great lab techs to help polish the official release! ;)

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