Lost all my gold and unlocks after factory reset(Android)

I played this game back in high school wjen it was fresh off the App store and loved it to death so naturally when I learned it got ported to Android I instantly baught it.

 On that same day I purchased 12$ of gold and the add free version and everything was fine and smooth. But today I had to factory reset my phone due to a Virus on my phone and , well, I lost everything.

I can't seem to find a restore purchase button and whatnot so I would gladly appreciate if you could help me out people/Raptisoft in getting this issue fixed



  • If anyone can redirect me to a post or something to help it woulf be appreciated I have my receipts
  • Hi,

    Google doesn't give us any way to restore "consumable" items like that.  However, if you have your receipts, visit www.raptisoft.com/contact and start a ticket there.  We'll get you fixed up.
  • Does the paypal receipt work or you need the google playstore one?
  • I have sent my receipts but had to do 6 different messages as I could not combine tjem all for some reason, I am sorry for this inconvenience Mr.Raptis


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