Transfer ads removal to a new Google Play account


I've bought ads removal for Hoggy 2, Solomon's Keep & Boneyard. Is it possible to transfer those removals to a new account because I want to get rid of the old one due to a lot of spam mails? X(


  • Hi Fipps... I bet Google can do this.  I could generate codes for you to have no ads on another account, but those codes aren't tied to google, so they get vanished if you uninstall the game.  But I bet if you just approach Google they have some kind of process.
  • "Unfortunately, there is no way to actually move apps from one Google account to another. Even if you contact Google about it, they will not be able to help you. However, you can add the old account to your Android and install any of the apps on both accounts. Just use these steps."

    And since those are unfortunately in app purchases on Android and not purchased apps I can't do a workaround with the Family Library.
  • Well, if you'd like code, I can do that... they just won't persist beyond an uninstall, and you'd have to hit me up each time.
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    just out of  curiosity how come you don't use the restore app purchases feature with a button in game, that will save you from having to churn out codes everytime someone has to reinstall the app on their phone or on a new phone. alot of android games use that, it won't restore gold purchases but only permanent upgrades like an ad removal or coin doubler stuff like that.
  • From what I've heard, that button is unnecessary on Android because everything it does on iOS happens automatically here.
  • @war2k in this case he's switching to a new account, so I have no control over Google's maintenance of what is and isn't bought-- to them it's a whole new account. 

    Also, Google doesn't have a restore call, it's automagic.  On Apple it literally won't pull down the purchased info to your account on a new device with the restore call (invoked by the restore button).

    So yeah, my only option here is to spin up a code, but there's no way to make that "permanent."  Actually there is... I need to implement cloud, but my "quick" attempts to implement cloud crash the program, so for that it's a matter of securing the time to sit down and actually do it.  That'll happen before I release SKUME but it's not something I want to drop everything and bank time on right now (especially since on Apple, at least, it looks like I have to make some pretty massive changes to how I organize my files)

  • So I'll hope for cloud at some time and keep that account till then.
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