RwK Beta 6 (One more beta?)

One more... this is to test the Android keyboard.  It's propagating now, so please test keyboards...

To test this most effectively, do the following

o If you're signed in to Makermall, sign out (by tapping your name on the bottom and selecting sign out)
o Now tap the bottom again to sign in
o Go to "create profile"
o Tap the "email" field... if it all works correctly, the e-mail field should be moved up to remain visible.
o Other text places (such as Create a New Level or Add Comment) should similarly not disappear off the top of the screen.


  • A note: On one of my devices this works perfectly... on the other, it seems to randomly decide whether the screen should be moved so an obscured textbox is made visible.  So tap several times, if you please... I would like to know if it EVER works or NEVER works.
  • it's not pushing up on mine at all, the keyboard (and 3 function buttons on the side now appear before was just the keyboard), and they are responding a lot faster than before, when the keyboard would slide up it took a second or so before it would come up, now it's practically instant. (lg styloe 2 plus)
  • Release it! :D :D
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    Lol deja vu
  • Haha I might be a little bit eager..
  • I’m just going to keep checking, hoping it says released on ios
  • lol, that's a good tactic. If you're using Firefox, there is a plugin called "Check4Change" or for FF Quantum, "WebMon", which will allow you to track any specified changes to any website, this will alert you as soon as a change like "updated" for example, is observed.
  • @raptisoft,
    I just wanted to mention that the issue on my device with adding comments - where the comment bubble is far too high, almost off the screen and I can't see what I'm typing - is back. It was gone a few updates ago, probably the first update you addressed the keyboard, like beta 3 maybe?
    I'm not sure when it came back, but I can no longer see what I'm typing in beta 6.
    Just wanted to give you a heads up.
  • I've had that too since the beginning but thought it was due to me using a tablet which is probably not a supported device.
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    Regarding the new way of opening the menu/map, I do find it a little more tedious to do compared to the old way. I can see this becoming a slight issue when playing large levels requiring frequent references to the map. @Raptisoft, was this change to address another issue, perhaps restarting the level accidentally using the old method? Maybe it's just because I'm testing on a tablet and I might find it easier on a phone
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