Hamsterball Remasterd idea?

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Hey raptisoft, I know you are already working on HB 2 but its a little annoying that I have to grab an old monitor to play hamsterball in the original position (fullscreen), I'm not a big fan of having my favorite rolling ball game widened in a strange factor, it really bugs me.

Could you make a version of hamsterball that's exactly the same but has compatibility with win7 win8 win8.1 win10 and widescreen (4K would be a nice feature as well) 

Or just an update would be cool



  • Sadly, I can't recompile Hamsterball any more... SOMETHING I did in that code makes it completely incompatible with Visual Studio 2010 (the only version I am able to locate any more).
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    Is it one of the people in the credits who helped with coding etc? and could you contact them and see if they were the ones who made it incompatible, and fix it?

    Game Design:   John Raptis
    Game Art:  John Raptis

    Nick Raptis

    Level & Creature Design:John Raptis
    Gary Clair
    Physics:Paul Nettle
    Music:   Peter Hajba
    Level Models:Steve Warner
    Rodent Models:EndBossGames
    Sound Effects:   John Raptis
    Play Balancing:   Brady Wright

    I don't want to push the  HB Remastered idea and be annoying about it, but could that work?

  • Considering Nick Raptis shares the same last name as John, the guy behind Raptisoft, he's most likely a relative.

    But regardless of who of the two is responsible for whatever part of the code doesn't work with Visual Studio 2010, I doubt either of them could figure it out without thoroughly examining it first. People don't remember entire programs they coded over a decade ago. Probably not worth doing unless there's either a really good reason to update it or John decides to port the game to new platforms.

    Of course, it would still work with older versions of Visual Studio, but if Microsoft isn't distributing them anymore, acquiring them may only be possible through illegal means.
  • https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=23507

    Microsoft still has Visual Studio 2010 on their website
  • Earlier last year I was considering porting Hamsterball over so that it could come out for mobile as well, but currently I'm so far behind that I no longer considering it-- Chuzzle 2 and Solomon's Keep Ultimate Metal Edition are now in the pipeline and I don't want to concentrate on anything other than those two this entire year.

    Well, and one more boneyard update, since I unkindly destroyed the farming.  Though I'm considering just turning imp farming back on, for timing reasons.
  • I take it that means you don't plan on bringing back Four Letter Words and Get Lucky either for the time being?
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    Not for now, no.  I might take a week between projects to put one or the other out, but sadly with the phone resizings that have happened in the last few years, these aren't just "ports" any more, but are rather whole screen redesigns (since I coded everything for the original iPhone screen sizes).

    That's part of what took RwK so long too... it was much more screensize dependent than the Solomon games.
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    Perfectly understandable, given how far you've fallen behind schedule thanks to Apple's shenanigans.

    Plus, even if you hadn't hardcoded the coordinates in your early iOS games, Get Lucky would still have to be reprogrammed from scratch anyway.
  • Wew so is the HB 2 better than HB gold?

  • HB gold is trash, with no new races and the only thing added is clickable links from game-sellers like GameFools etc. I get my games from Raptisoft.
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