RwK Beta 5 (Release candidate 3)

I happened to wake up early this morning, so what I did was quickly throw in a new wall-sticking powerup.  The Android beta is submitted and should roll out pretty quickly.  Give it a test and let me know how it goes, after Google rolls it out everywhere.

The graphic for the wall is a placeholder graphic for now.  I'll replace it before I release.

Let me know how it works.  @Fomb, this should substitute for the one-way wall sticking.

Note: Purchasing "Delete Ads" is live now.  As requested by users, once you delete ads, it is replaced with a "donate" button.  The donate button just allows you to watch a video, of the type that sends me the most money.  So if you want to help support further development, just hitting that once a day or even once a week is very helpful! 


  • the keyboard continues to work well in this update aswell :D
  • #20: Just a minor annoyance, but while the results of a search are being displayed, you can't do another one. You first have to go to a different list of levels.

    #21: This is only a suggestion, but could you make the pause menu display the number of teleport crystals and Bitcoin you have?

    #22: Under very specific conditions, the red boss monster will throw a red monster through a wall. Here's a photo from Rastapopoulon's Level 1:
  • #20: At the top of your list should be a "refine search" button, no?
    #21: I'll put it in the notes for the update... I'm too far on overtime now, it's bugs only from this point on.
    #22: I'll probably leave that for now... I don't think that can be used to make the game unpleasant or unsolvable for players.
  • #20: Looks like you're right. However, that button isn't available when a search returns no results.
  • Oh... hm, okay, #20, I'll put that into the update.  I think I actually never even tested that case, heh.
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