Level Design Tips

There are some legendary Robit Wants Kitty level designers that frequent these forums. I'd love to hear your favourite tips on designing levels.

For example, I like the way "codebreaker" was developed. It used a key to indicate that you needed before you could enter an area, and, it also indicated what you would get if you entered that area.

I also like Raptisoft level (I think) called fortress where you need to knock out orange droppers from one direction, then approach from the other direction.

I also like levels where you need to die, then run and jump (ie. as this makes you run faster) to be able to cross a lava pit.

Please share your level tips here (or even example levels). With the new RWK coming out Real Soon Now, these tips may help some of the local legends (Dahlo, FOMB, Kylesgelin, Rastapopulon, etc) produce even better levels.

Great levels include: FOMB's Halloween (great variety, great graphics, great level length), checkthepan's This is a shop (great use of crystals, apps and keys, great pacing of level), rastapopulon's level 13 (great pacing, good tricks), dahlo (many torturous levels), kylesgelin (almost all of his/her newer levels).



  • I wish I could create such awesome levels as you guise, alas. On an unrelated note has anyone else ever noticed that the speed them blue guys traverse downwards is slightly different from their upward journey? I just noticed this earlier today!!
  • Some level design tips.. ok !

    1- Start your level with something of small and simple.

    2- test your level again and again ! It's important.

    3- Don't put too much ennemy. It's okay to put a lot of ennemy in one level, but not in each levels.

    4-draw correctly your platforms/magic doors. It's always more fun to play with a level with a beautiful level design.

    5- Always put edge around your level ! Fall in the neant is so boring !

    6- Think about all solutions with your level. I mean, try to play with your level and if it's possible to beat the levels with another solution, patch it !

    7- Don't put shorcuts for accelerate the level.

    8- Put some secrets into your levels.

    9- Take your time for create a good levels ! Quality need time.

    10- Never use bugs/glitch for your levels. If your level is too hard, or use bugs, people will not love your levels.

    11- Replay, test again, and replay ! It's your better assurance ! If you don't have fun to play with your level, probably playerd will not have fun too..

    12- Try to create different challenge and not the same things on your levels.

    13- Don't create giant levels. Why ? Simply because when it's too long, level eill be repetitive. Your level can be long, but don't exagerate.

    14- Take fun to create your levels ! If you take fun to create your levels, player will feel that on your levels !

    15- Ask in your head "If This level was on the main game, I pay for the game or not ?"

    yes ---> good level
    no----> Level need more work on it !

    It's my hints. ;)
  • I have one hint.....whatever you do during level testing, DO NOT try to open the map
  • hahaha yes it's true ! :)
  • Hopefully in the ios11 version you can open the map when testing.
  • sadly, no...
  • Oh man that would be a helpful feature to have access to when designing a level!
  • edited January 10
    @raptisoft see above :)
  • Guys, this was one of the main reasons I started recording these for posterity; that such intricate and beautiful levels are designed without seeing the map/level. I just don't know how it's done, truly remarkable!
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