It would be cool if SKUME had...

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It has been quite a while since there was some talk about SKUME(Solomon's Keep Ultimate Metal Edition). So I thought it would be fun to fantasize some features that would be really cool addition for SKUME. Here are the stuff that would be cool if SKUME had:

1. Durability
I know durability is a ridiculous feature that only masochists love and I don't want it to be added on normal mode at least. But for the hardcore mode, it would be an excellent addition. This makes the hardcore game more challenging and unique from the normal mode. Also, by having a durability for each equipment, this make players to strategically use their equipment instead of "I got the op ring therefore i win". Of course if you are going to add durability, players should definitely gain more equipment compared to normal mode.

2. Rivals
Rivals are npc that are same class as you are(for example, if you are a paladin, your rival is a paladin) and appears on randomized event. These rivals may randomly aid you in the boss battle or in a trap room, lie on the ground asking you to help, or even become a boss monster by Solomon's magic. It is possible that these rivals might take some of your precious exp that you could have gotten but in the end, they will give those exp back in some form of event or boss battle.  Mostly, the rivals will end up dead by being bad at this game, player leaving them to die, helping player agaisnt a boss battle, or dealing massive damage to Solomon before he slices them into half.  Whether the rival dies or somehow lives, the rival will eventually give a legendary item no matter what you do with 'em(If you only get legendary item for making them die, you will learn how evil we players truly are). It will be a bit annoying to program but I think it will make the game more interesting. 

3. Redemption
This feature allows players to repick their skills they have picked once for each difficulty(except the student difficulty). It is basicallybecoming level 1 and then gain the n level(n=current level) and pick skills. Unlike Bribe destiny, it is possible that you would get skills that you do not want. By having this feature, players will have a second try on any mistakes they have done or attempt wacky builds. This feature was inspired the the similar one on Korean MMORPG Talesweaver. 


  • Those all sound really interesting. I like that rivals idea most out of the 3. Here an idea I had.

    A prestige system. (Kinda like in call of duty.)
    Since the mobs are perpetually getting stronger each time you complete a run through SK"s story mode (or wave after wave in Boneyard mode). When you max cap at level 75 you are given the option to revert back to level 1 but you retail your stats. You continue to increase your base damage per level and in order to level up each level now costs 25% more exp per level than before. Every time you prestige that exp cost rises another 25%. So you're forever leveling up and getting stronger.
  • Evil phone retail = retain lol
  • Or, you know, stat retail might be interesting. Selling internal power to get money for external power.
  • I will tell you right now that "Rivals" is already in the design.  There's a lot of very crazy fun stuff that I didn't used to have memory for.

    Redemption... kinda difficult.  I'll be doing certain perks and item powers that will kinda cover this.

    Durability might be fun... I'll think about it.  Personally, I like it, it adds a low-pressure thing to keep track of in RPGs, but as you know the general feeling of people is no no never ever.
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