Update on solomons boneyard?

Been a while since we heard any update progress. How’s it going?


  • Give rapti some time holidays and all, he's probably getting himself back up to speed.
  • Yeah I'm only just getting myself out of bed here :D
  • By the way I purchased iPhone X and the game isn’t optimized for the screen. I hope in the next update they use the full screen
  • Jorge, could you send me a screenshot of how it looks on iPhone X?  I don't plan to purchase one at this point, but I probably can figure out what's going on just from a screenshot.
  • As for updates, I've way behind, only just now getting RwK into its beta.  Hoping that goes quickly so I can update Boneyard by the end of the month.
  • good night ... first I'd like to congratulate you on the game. for me, it's the best game in the app store. I would like to know there is a possibility to support the screen of iphone X. And I would also like to know if there is any option to disable the BOSS MONSTER option, because I bought it and now would like to disable it. before, there was that option. Thanks in advance. Hug to everyone. Sorry for My english...i am from Brazil and use Google Tradutor.
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