Hi everyone :) 
What are your top record in Solomon's Boneyard? I need to challenge me ahah


  • 443,302 with wazoo
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    I did this years ago but as far as I know its the record.
    I just got the new update and I'm loving it, just hate that I have to select my perks each round. Still great that we got new stuff after all these years!
  • I know your video! it's famous ahah 
    is it without bosses right?
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    No it is with bosses, makes it easier haha

    I should say that its the wave record, not the kill record. In my opinion thats all that matters though because kills are easy to boost by just milking the Unholy's imps. My highest doing that was somewhere over 2,000,000
  • lool, i think it's very bored ahah i will try to surpass your 71 record waves ;)
  • I'd love to see it done :D I'm on my way to doing that as well

  • eheh now the situation is different, not more infinite skill bonus by imp ;) ahha
  • Yeah I've seen that now haha. I still have a pretty good method though. I think I'll be able to break wave 60 soon
  • i am arrived at 57 for now.. but not a problem surpass it, only the time ahah
  • I die in this wave... :( near 71 ahah
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