Perk Slots

I'm trying to understand how the perk slots work in Boneyard. I had purchased several, but they no longer exist. Were these a one time use or a one day use item? I also don't see them in my list of perks to purchase anymore either, so how do you get more than 2 perk slots?


  • The tonics only temporarily unlock the extra slots. It may seem expensive, but if you; equip 2 100% gold rings, the gold perk, and enable bosses, you'll makes several times what you spend. Each money run can fund a couple normal. I just found my first 1000% gold ring; and when I put it with this strategy I make 40k a run.
  • Also, in the latest update, there is a fate that you can buy that reduces the costs of perk tonic each time you buy it.
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