Need some clarification for some skills

I know that welding spells will be changed in a way to make easier for players to understand but I think there are more skills that requires some clarification on how it exactly works or how it interacts with another spells. Here are some of them that need clarification in future:

1. Stun: If someone says stun, it means it prevents the character from doing any action for the duration. In Solomon's Keep, it is not exactly clear how stun works. Is it saying that it has chance to literally stun enemy per tick or slowing them down by certain %? 

2. Turn Undead: I know it will be a paladin skill but unless you change it completely, it needs clarification on what weaken suppose to mean. Is it suppose to be that they receive more damage?

3. Prismatic Shock: There should be some clarification on what is lightning type attack for certain spell(acid rain, main beam of blizzard beam, Flame lash, etc)

4. Ether Blast: The description should mention it does not stack on enemy (which means you cannot turn enemies' health to 0% by blasting 10% max health decrease 10 times)

5. Battle Mage: It should either say it does not reduce mana cost of secondary spells like call comet or change it in a way that it works on those also.

6. Hurricane: it should mention that it can deflect arrows.


  • 1. Stun is going to be called "Hold" in SKHD.  It slows them down in SK (and will in SKHD too)
    2. No they do considerably less damage (it doesn't really last long enough to be all that functional in Keep, will be modified in HD)
    3. Anything that shows a lightning bolt!
    4. I believe in Dark it says "reduces max health" doesn't it?
    5. You talking about Dark, or the released games?
    6. Well, I have to keep these things short.  Ever see those games where you hilite something and it gives you 50 pages of data?
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    1. Not a cool name but accurate one at least. 
    3. does that mean the main beam of blizzard beam counts?
    4. What I am saying is that it may confuse people to think that it is possible to reduce the max health of an enemy again after you reduced its max health. Just for the quality of life stuff.
    5. I haven't tested out on  Dark about that but it did not work on Call Comet in Boneyard. I think the game does not consider Call Comet as a combat skill.
    6. Well, you did I nice job on chill wind description(Solomon Dark version) of mentioning the arrow deflecting ability. I think you can do that for hurricane too.
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    1. I think "bind" would be more fitting than "hold". 
  • 1. Actually it needs a cooler name than both of these.  The right word is "Galvanize" but that's lamer than all the others put together.  Time will surely bring a revelation though.
    3. Yes, anything with a lightning component.
    4. Yes, I need some way to visually represent it... my creativity operates best under pressure though, so when the time comes so will the muse.
    5. Per the code it does... I'll look into the issue.
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    1. In my opinion, Galvanize is not an accurate word for that skill (aside from the lameness). The origin of that word is from the frog leg experiment done by Luigi Galvani. Considering that the electricity made an inanimate object(the frog leg) to move, it would not be fitting for a paralyzing skilll. Speaking of paralyzing, paralysis is a good name because it can be used to describe both completely incapable of movement and partially incapable of movement.

    4. How about a purple outline to show that got the debuff and a purple life bar to show the max health reduced of a boss?
  • They use the word "galvanize" to refer to coating say, tin cans with another metal, with electricity... so that's the premise here, that the arc of the lightning into the ground "seals" you to the ground.  I dunno, there's not really a good word for it.  "Stun" or "Hold" fits the best, but yes, one is inaccurate, the other inelegant.

    Paralysis conjures up the image of total lack of motion even more than stun (for instance, in Diablo 2, you can stun something and leave it capable of motion-- it just gets swirlies over its head).  But anyway, when the time comes, a solution will present itself.

  • Wait... you were using the #2 definition of galvanize?! But there is no metal for it to galvanize(galvanize is specifically for coating metal). How would you explain galvanizing a skeletal mage? I bet tiny bits of metal they have in thier bone won’t be enough. Using the metal on the ground? Trying that should collapse the entire floor of a keep.

    If you have played pokemon, you will not think that paralysis does not make the pokemon to be completely unable to move, rather it gives a chance to not be able to move and lower its speed. This is accurate depictions of paralysis for it is possible to move while paralyzed, it is just going to be slower than normal, which is what this skill is aiming for. Like pokemon, some games depict paralysis as a strong slow rather than a total lack of motion.

  • Personally, I think galvanize sounds cool, but if you don't want to use that, "shock" would honestly work decently, or if you're considering "hold," you might as well just call it "slow," since that's more accurate, and you seem to have already given up keeping it electricity themed.
  • @coolbeans55555
    I personally agree with the shock idea.
  • Hm, shock is not bad at all... and a really obvious one too.  I wonder how I could have missed that???

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