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Would it be possible to put a "select all" button when opening the scavenger collection? Every game i have to select all the rings one by one and this is a waste of time if you have a lot of rings. I frankly dont understand why now you need to select which ring you bring to battle ( i remember in the past the game automatically showed all your rings while playing), i bring them all everytime because depending on my fate (which skills appear at level up) i would use some rather than others and vice-versa. If you really need to let players select the rings before battle, then i think a "select all" or "bring them all" button would be useful (you are anyway paying the same amount of coins regardless how many rings you decide to bring with u) thanks


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    Well, it wouldn't be too hard to add-- but what's the function of this?  Do people commonly take all the rings, even the ones not appropriate for the build they're pursing?

    Prior to this change, one of the complaints I got was that people didn't want the whole kit and caboodle each time.
  • I don't take all the rings when I do my runs, but I do grab a good 20-25 of them. I keep a lot of duplicates in case I exit the game the wrong way. I think it would be cool if it were easier to select a bunch of rings/all of them. I usually have a Idea in mind for my build, but sometimes the game level-up options gives me options to do it differently.

     Sometimes i'm in a pickle and I need to equip a movement speed ring and damage resist, or maybe I have nothing left, ready to face death, and I use 2 400% health rings in-between waves to give myself one last shot (usually on the runs I try to go without magic shield). 

    I'd definitely work on the ring loss bug first though.
  • It is true that i end up using the same 4-5 rings everytime but i usually take them all because sometimes there are rings that i got from previous games and didnt have the time to forge before I die, or sometimes i get unlucky and no battle mage or channel mana show up, so in order toresist some more time i am forced to use the +2 battle mage rings which i wouldnt equip under normal circumstances. It would be a minor improvement anyway, i can also live without it :) thanks for the answers
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