Hamsterball 2 news

Are there any news or progress on Hamsterball 2?I can't wait for it to happen! :)


  • No news yet!  It'll almost surely be the first game I do after Solomon's Keep HD.  I won't give any dates because I just recently game someone a date on something and now I'm no closer to delivering it than I was when I gave the date, so the curse is real.
  • Is the Solomon Keep HD going to be released soon?I am really excited for the Hamsterball 2!
  • @Djordje
    Don’t expect it to come out soon. Mr Raptis is about two month behind his schedule that it is not certain that it will be done by next year.
  • My general plan goes something like this:

    1. RwK Port (this is turning into the port from hell because of the server component, much of which has to be completely rewritten)
    2. Chuzzle 2 (Don't panic, it'll be really fast, because I started it years ago and just need to finish it.  Three years tops)
    3. Solomon's Keep HD
    4. PROBABLY Hamsterball 2 then.
  • Will the Hamsterball be putbu theend of 2018?I am really just interested of that game.Thanks!
  • Yes, it'd be late 2018.
  • Glad to see RwK top of the list
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