Question about the Solomon game

1. Would you consider Solomon games as serious or light?

2. If you consider it light, will you ever going to make any solomon game with some seriousness?

3. What would be the mostly used way we get the hidden lore of Solomon universe in SKHD? (Item, side quest, npc, intractable object)

4. Do you plan to make the Keep itself to have more interesting things other than Solomon's stuff (like a ruin or something that Solomon never found out)

5. Do you plan to make solomon game that features the wasteland or ruins that was caused by the overuse of magic by ancient civilization and (or) modern wizards? (I do have good idea for that)


  • 1. They're seriously light

    2. Absolutely never.  However, I do have a design for a very similar game that I want to make serious.

    3. Either wizards complaining dialogue, or books scattered in Solomon's keep.

    4. I have a couple joke things in mind, but in general, I want to keep the scope of THIS game focused clearly on Solomon's Tower.  The design for Son of Solomon will fulfill any "exploration" urge.  However, in Keep HD, there will be some more variety to the keep (but not too much because one of the great flaws I find with some of the modern ARPGs is that the graphics are so nice you can't tell the interactable stuff from the background graphics, therefore Keep will largely be "grey, except for the game pieces").

    5. The very edge of these would be explored in Son of Solomon, since you need to go there for something.  Nobody goes beyond the very edge because it's not really survivable-- some areas aren't even "real" any more.
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