Gauntlet builds

Hi all,

I have recently rekindled with Solomon's keep, and it seems I have missed out completely on the gauntlet challenge, which I'm about to embark on soonish.
However, before I try my luck I would love to know what builds you have been successful with. I read the guide(s) utilizing the flame lash welding magic, but so far this is the only build I have been able to find. However, it seems a lot of you also swear to a Frost missile build. Is this viable on gauntlet as well?
Let me know what has worked for you, what was boring and what was fun.

Also, when converting to gauntlet mode are items still transferable via the amazing cabinet?

Cheers and happy gaming.


  • Most people like combining Lightning + Fireball to create FlameLash. But that will only get you through 4 or 5 Gauntlets (all the way from level 1 to killing the Unholy plus Solomon). A better combination is magic missile + Lightning ... I’ve made it through 8 gauntlets with a totally maxed out setup (+3 staff, +2 ring, cast 150% faster ring). Eventually just ran out of patience since clearing out a roomfull of imps would take a couple of minutes.

    Of course you have to run at least 3 or 4 other characters first in order to build up enough staffs and rings via the magic cabinet to set up your wizard with the +50% XP staff, two +100% XP rings, Find 1,000% Gold staff, etc, trade gold to max out both magic missile and lightning while on Student level, and wait til level 50 to meld magics.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks Dvorak.
    I have collected the equipments, I’m just trying to get the right combination of skills to buy (my current game has magic missile, potent missile, lightning and frost blast).

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