So frustrated right now !

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Hello guys,

I juste wanted to share my frustration tonight.

A few days ago, I started a new character on Solomon's keep.
I farmed new games until I got one with the good skills in the shop.
I farmed new games until I got a full equipment +%xp
I farmed a lot the ads in order to buy all I could from the shop, then started the tower in hardcore mode.
Finished the normal mode, then started the wizard one.
I farmed again a lot of add in order to buy the new skill from the shop.

I got to level 11 with the wizard :
Level 37
Frost jet maxed out with the 2 additional skill maxed.
Projectiles maxed out with the 2 additional skills maxed, and aetherion pulse 3/5
Battle mage maxed
Magic shield maxed
Mana + mana regen maxed

Then I made a stupid mistake and lost it all against a group when my magic shield didn't want to activate again after being torn down, even though I had the mana and the skill refreshed.

I lost so much time because of this bug !
Appart from the bug that caused me my character, it would be really nice if a hardcore mage killed could start again as a "normal mage"


  • Magic shield has a recharge time-- you can't spam the secondary skills.  Was it also recharged and ready to go (fully white?)
  • Yup, I usually make sure I can activate it before entering a new room. 
    I recharged it, waited around 20-30 secondes, then entered this fatal room.
  • Which skill slot is Magic Shield occupying?  Is it in slot 3 (the one that's further to the left than the other two?)

    Or is it in one of the slots that hugs the right side of the screen?
  • it was my first and only secondary skill, so it was situated juste under the main skill.
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