Solomon’s Boneyard crash

So after 2 hrs of gameplay, over 250,000 kills mostly imps, ur game crashed when I tried to use the storm/hurricane skill - the highest skill on the lightning tree. Not only did it wipe my high score but also the entire game taking my 2x100% exp rings and 2x500% gold rings not to mention the 100,000+gold I had collected. Thanks a lot.....


  • This is fixed in the upcoming update.  If you write us at, we'll help you recover whatever we're capable of recovering.
  • Thanks, I sent a quick email. Interestingly enough I still have my 2x500% gold and it saved about 140,000gold (I have bought everything already anyway). I have lost my 2x100% exp rings and +2 to all skills ring.
  • Didn’t think it was possible to defeat the 4th (or is it the 5th - I forgot) Unholy without my op +2 all skill ring but I just did it without. The one that spawns a few thousand imps at a time. I suicided afterwards to save my score which is just under 90,000 kills. There’s no option to post screenshots on this forum? I could have racked up 250k kills again if I didn’t defeat the Unholy and just attacked imps. It becomes a bit of a grind once ur guy is that op with magic shield and lvl 3 harden or so making him pretty much unkillable. And I don’t think it’s possible To defeat that many imps with any other offensive spells but frostjet and harden unless anyone has done it with other spells?
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