There should be a vlog about the current state and future of Solomon games

edited November 2017 in Solomon's Games
As I searched around both korean and english websites and blogs, I have seen so many people who are saying "Where is mah Solomon Dark?", "Raptisoft, are you dead?", "I need update?", "Is Solomon series dead?", "Raptisoft, plz make Solomon Dark". I feel like we need to inform the various Solomon fans across the world that Solomon Dark is canceled and beta is out there and Solomon's Keep Deluxe is coming soon. Because very few fans know the existence of Raptisoft forum, I think there should be some sort of a vlog in Raptisoft youtube channel that explains the whole situation of Solomon games and what can they expect in the future. One vlog should be enough to inform Solomon fans that you are not dead yet. Here are some things that you need to address in the vlog:

1. What happened to Solomon Dark
2. How can we get Solomon Dark
3. Why put ads on Solomon games
4. What can we expect on SKHD
5. Address other international fans like Koreans a thanks and promise to support additional language on SKHD

Hope you get enough poison resistances Mr. Raptis.

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