Restore Purchase functions in Boneyard and Keep

I have a question in regards to the Restore Purchases function, as well as for prior purchased perks and functions.

Big fan of both S.Keep and S.Boneyard (since 24 Dec 2010 and 26 Feb 2011 respectively). Been a little while since I have played it and happy to see your recent update on IOS.

I notice that on starting up (they have always been on my iPad) that all prior purchases are gone - those for real life money and those from purchases with gold.
I have activated the "restore purchase" function, however all it seems to have done is remove the 'remove ads" and replaced it with "Get Gold" on both games.
Where have the bonus's I have purchased over time like the Cabinet, Bribe Destiny etc gone? (Cold Magic seems to be there).

Also, in Boneyard, all the prior Perks/Fates I had before gone (don't remember tonics)? (character types etc)

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  • Hi,

    Both Apple and Android don't give developers any way to track "consumed" purchases, only permanent purchases.  Since the gold purchase is "consumed," so that it can be bought over and over again, the records of it get completely lost.

    If you drop us a line at however, we can help!
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    With exception of the ability to buy gold, all the old version's IAPs have been made free. As compensation, anyone who bought them gets a free ad removal.

    Note that Bribe Destiny has to be enabled in Keep's options menu. And in Boneyard, it's now a really expensive perk.

    Also, these new versions can't read your old save data.
  • Thanks for the comments both of you.
    I've poked around a tad more and understand some more on what went where and why.

    Look forward to the hours of fun getting back into the swing of it all.

    Cheers Raptisoft for the fast response.
    Cheers SomeRHEF for that extra info and taking the time to add your comments

    Ooroo for down-under,


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