I want to buy your old Android Phone

If you have an Android Phone that crashes when you try to buy gold in either Solomon game, I want to buy it.

I have this problem... on some subset of Android phones, people who try to buy gold crash.  I have written and engaged Google on this, but they haven't replied to my desperate pleas for a while now, so this is all on me to fix.  No device I try to make crash here works.  I need one that crashes to chase this down and fix it.

However, here's the wrinkle, and the hard part: it looks like this problem is tied to the account (people who switch accounts no longer have the problem)... so I would need you to be willing to leave your account signed in.  I will do whatever I can, sign whatever I can, to make you feel safe doing this (though the best case would be someone who has a junk google account that they never use except to buy apps that manifests the problem).  As soon as it is fixed, I will wipe the phone completely.

If you are willing, drop me a PM.  I can be persuaded to also give free game gold, free copies of my games, etc, etc.  This crash is costing me money, and infuriating my customers.


  • Is this a trick to make everyone buy gold just to see if they have the bug? If it is, it worked on me ;p 

    Just joking (well, I did buy gold) - do you have any idea what sort of device (brand? android version?) has the problem? I have a bunch of old android phones lying at home, might try on some of them (but I don't want to buy gold on all my devices ;) )

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    Oh, I should have updated this... I got the phone and have already fixed the bug.  It's in testing now, I'll roll out the update soon.

    However, sometimes the bug manifests on the one millionth buy... so to be safe, buy gold one million times.  If it hasn't show up by then, it's probably fixed.
  • I'm having this issue right now. I bought the game yesterday and then gold, once. I tried purchasing gold a second time and it would not let me. I won't sell my device but I can copy the game files and upload to dropbox if you would like.
  • It's fixed now... the new update is hopefully going to be submitted today.
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