[Boneyard] Favorite Boss Killers?

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So, I've been playing Boneyard for quite some time and have pretty big troubles to get past the third or fourth boss.

From my experience, every character that doesn't have magic missiles is instantly at a disadvantage since the damage output gets reduced massively. Keeping the bosses on your screen becomes incredibly dangerous from the third one onwards because of the teleport/charge/dash thing, making Fireballs less accurate and ice less useful. Furthermore, Shield is the strongest secondary skill available, any character starting out with it is automatically more tanky than any other class.

If I had to put them in tiers, I'd go about it like that:
(I'll list the combination instead of character names and the bolded name is the best-in-tier in my opinion. MM=Magic Missiles)
Strong: Lighting+MM, Ice+MM, Fire+MM

Acceptable: Lightning+Ice (by virtue of starting out with shield), Fire+Lightning (shield)

Weak: Fire+Ice, Single elements

These Tiers are assuming you're using the perk that gives you the first level of all primary skill effects and the one that gives +2 skill levels to all skills you start out with.
Magic Missiles are pretty much the only viable way to not get obliterated by the charge.
Great Crowd control because of the second main skill (disregarding fire+MM), you have to get to the bosses first which can get pretty hard without them.
Ice+MM is the best because of his addition projectile blocking from ice which allows him to live longer between the bosses.

Both people have shield but are held back by their sub-par boss killing abilities.
Ice+Lightning is better after some more testing, having Ice is just so damn useful. His damage output is still lacking for boss killing though.

Fire+Ice's combination is very short ranged and the damage is nothing to write home about either. Turn undead isn't very effective without shield since you can still get hit and die pretty fast.
Single Elements can't compare to their bretheren. Well, a case could be made for MM since the magic circle is a good skill and MM alone are strong enough in both departments. (MM could be acceptable tier)

Of course, everything in this post is only my opinion, I'd like to hear yours!
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