Another set of Questions

1. If you get a chance (find someone who can help you with or something), do you plan to add different language option for SKHD? 

2. Do other classes(paladin, rouge, samurai) have mana?

3. How would you define the first order? is it more like covenant or more like knighthood?

4. Do you plan to put one sentence short description only for skill selection like old keep and boneyard or have both short and long description for skill like dark?

5. Is enchant staff, fortunate flailing, deflect be a mage skill in future?

6. Do you plan to change dialogue for the wizards in Dead Hwag or leave most alone?

7. I've seen a review about Solomon's Keep written in 2010 and saw a complain about few options for defense. Do you have any plans to fix that issue?

8. For Samurai skill name, do you choose Japanese (Ex. Henshin) or localized (Ex. Transform)?

9. Would each character has a choice to choose a sex or only has fixed sex for each character?


  • +1 for melee mages! in fact, pepper's challenge melee mage map for dark was super fun! you should make that a thing in keep lol.
  • 9. has already been answered. There will only be male characters.
  • Quickie answers since I'm trying to get RwK into a Beta-able state...

    1. Yes, I'm designing SKHD to be translated.  The demand for this wasn't so high on iPhone, but on Android, it's HUGE!

    2. No.  Paladin has virtue/faith, which works differently, and does not recover (I.E. he is not a mage, and can't be played as a mage).  The rogue is purely cooldown-based.  The Necromancer has mana.  The samurai is part of an expansion that will be delivered later and doesn't have a deep design yet.

    3. Think of like a church sanctioned secret society.  Did I call it First Order somewhere??  It's the Brotherhood of the Blinding Light.  Nothing in Solomon's Universe would have a sensible name like "first order!"

    4. Like Dark  Keep and SB were designed for teeeensy tiny screens and a whole different mobile era.

    5. No, not planning on it.  The Paladin will be the melee character (and to a lesser degree, the Necromancer, who can swing a mean scythe)

    6. Slight edits, fundamentally the same.  There's more dialogue though, because there's going to be a great deal of randomized sub-quests.

    7 Not for the mages... mages are supposed to be like siege weapons-- super devastating, but vulnerable.  The paladin will have relatively weak offense (at higher levels) but will be completely capable of standing around and getting smacked.

    8. Nothing finalized yet (expansion character)

    9. Yeah, has SomeRandomHEFan says, the female characters are being retconned out.  Magic is extraordinarily dangerous at certain points of a woman's cycle, and Solomon would not bother to "toy" with a low-level female intruder-- he would simply immediately cage her for non-wholesome purposes.

  • @Raptisoft

    1. I can help you out on that, if you want. I’ve been translating some parts of the keep for fun.
    3. The very first dialogue that morius says in Keep has “wizard of the first order”. I was having trouble translating this one out.
    5. Well that’s few less work for me i guess.
    9. I get why the sequel is “sons of solomon”. What a dirty @&$?! he is. >:)
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    1. At the time, I will probably put out a call for translations here.
    3. Oh, oh... it's like saying "star student."  Not any different than saying "you are a magnificent student, honors well beyond your peers." :)  I thought the question was referring to the paladin. 
  • @Raptisoft

    I forgot to mention what language I can translate to. It's Korean.
  • @Peppermaster oh shoot, that's like the MOST IMPORTANT one for me to translate too, haha.

    Tell me, do you know anything about the mechanics of the translation?  Such as how many bytes need to be reserved for each letter, how many letters I can expect in the Korean alphabet?

    When I generate my fonts for English, I just do a generate with: "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" (and then the same lowercase).  How would that compare, for Korean?
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    Korean is 2 bytes per character for ascii text file and 3 byte for unicode.
    There are total 26 characters but because each letter is a combination of at least 2 characters (Ex. ㄱ +ㅏ = 가; ㅎ+ㅓ+ㄹ+ㄱ=헑) you will either need more than 26 characters for the font file or just use pangram.

    This might help you understand how korean fonts work:

    P.S. no matter what font you use, never use gulim. It is a comic sans of korean fonts.

    Edit: Just one question, did you got lots of feedback about adding korean?
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    Well, honestly, most NEGATIVE feedback is from French people demanding French.  However, Solomon's Keep is VERY popular in Korea, so naturally I want to cater to them.

    Pepper, I'm still doing RwK, but when I'm done I'll discuss it with you.  I might have to make still more modifications to my code to accept strange formats.

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    I know Solomon games were very popular few years ago but now... due to lack of new info, people are beginning to forget about this game (not many people know the fact that Solomon Dark was canceled). I'll try to spread the info about SKHD as much as possible. 

    I wish best for RwK and your health (well everyone I know is sick in some way these days)
  • Honestly, the response on Android has been huge, much larger than I thought it would be, so there must be some life in ol' Solomon yet.

    Yeah, everyone IS sick, aren't they?  It must be the food we're all eating!
  • HAH! I TOLD YOU SOLOMON WAS YOUR GREATEST CREATION! i know hoggy and whatnot that came out on popcap seemed big, but i bet SKHD will yet be your magnum opus, your piece de resistance, your tour de force, your cenotaph, your........... ok wait cenotaph seemed a little dark.

    the point is, solomon dark will live on, to become the greatest villain in video game history! (maybe.)
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