+1 to All Skills Ring!

Found one of these incredible rings after about 12 hours of grinding. Also a Find 500% More Gold ring. Sweet. Anybody else found other cool rings that didn’t used to exist in the old SB? Are there +2 to All Skills rings out there? Love discovering new rings with cool powers ... way to go Raptisoft!


  • Makes me want to grind now.
  • edited November 2017
    What all did you do to grind?
  • Just found another one! Been grinding with Wazoo ... both times I got an epic ring after killing the second Unholy and checked ... +1 to All Skills. Loving it. Just make sure you have the “More Drops” perk enabled. Good luck!
  • Thank you!
  • Sadly, Keep+SB are kinda limited in what can be placed on the rings... I did add a few more to Boneyard though.  I only wish I could do the cool stuff I could do with rings in Dark-- ah well, all that's for SKHD.
  • I had a +2 all skill ring that I got last wk, it was great. As soon I got the Hardened skill, it made me pretty untouchable. But the hurricane bug crashed my game and made it vanish....sigh
  • alexliuuk 

    are you getting in bonyard +2 all skill ring? 
  • Yes I had a +2 all skill ring I’m SB but lost it after a game crash
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