How to Transfer Save to a new Android

Just got a new phone and tried to move over my app data to it.  For the games that don't cloud save, I've been using adb backup -noapk and adb restore to transfer over my save data from my old phone to my new phone.  This process didn't work for Somomon's Keep.

Any idea how I can get the save data moved over?


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    ohh yeah go to your storage drive


    all your saves and cabinet items are stored there, so you pretty much wanna make a copy of that sandbox folder and paste it into the same location on your new android device after you install SK on it first.

    Edit: i would start the game at least once incase it need to generate any folders before copying the sandbox folder into it
  • That did it!  Thank you very much!
  • I'm also looking into how to make clouding work properly... but it's lower priority for me because I really just intend to shore up all the shortcomings like clouding, controllers, etc, in SKHD.
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