Status 11/9/2017

REALLY late start today, I'm a bit under the weather...

Today's Agenda:

o Release Keep + Boneyard updates
o More RwK


  • Hope you feel better soon! I'm still running IOS 10 because and only because of RWK :)

    Great news John! Looking forward to it very much.

    Can you please fix the timing bugs too (eg. 2 bosses killed in quick succession treated as one kill; unlocking a door won't work if you're moving quickly as the game uses your current position to determine which door to unlock). Feel free to leave the "unlock all teleporters"
    And "autofire" bugs in. Both are triggered when you resume a level :)

    If there's an option to donate extra money in the game, I'll be pressing that button.

    Good luck with the conversion! I know it's not your most popular game but it's a gem. Hopefully, fans will spread the word on forums to create some interest.
  • edited November 2017
    ohhh if it's a cold, my mom used to take sliced apples or oranges and boil them in a tea. she used to say that would help her feel loads better. hope yopu feel better too man.
  • I think you should take at least a day off and have some chicken soup, ginger tea, and orange. Sometime you just have to take a detour to reach your destination faster.
  • I don't want to put in a donation button (it's just a lot of work with the in-app purchase framework).  But I'll tell you what, I'll leave a place where even if you remove the ads, you can watch, like, one ad a day or something.  The ads are actually pretty decent revenue now that we're deep in the "only a tiny minority will pay even 99 cents" games apocalypse.

    I'll take a day off after RwK is done!

    And after I've fixed that google play buy bug.  Google is NOT being helpful so I am having to take my own steps.

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