Soloman's Boneyard, Perk combinations?

I'm currently running with with two tonics, hardcore, master of offense, more drops, +2 to all skills and everweld. i've gotten to around 3k score so far with that set up, i'm sure i can get farther i just keep making dumb mistakes and getting one shot by easy mobs. lol

What set-ups do you guys use and what's your highest score?

Also what do you guys suggest i replace with bribe destiny? going to be buying that here soon.


  • My best was 7000 with morth and +1, +2, subskills, magic shield, and battle mage. I think I used mana rings that time.
  • I got 128k with wazoo +2 to all skills, subskills, bribe destiny, battle mage and creepy hand
  • Should I be using everweld or nah?
  • @gethonorbro

    unless  you are using those four basic wizards, everweld is super good.
  • @Peppermaster

    oh okay, yeah wazoo is my fav so far. i think i'm gunna buy the wizard that mixes fireball and magic missle see if he's any good at later levels.

    What's your ideal setup peppermaster?

  • @gethonorbro

    I normally go +2 +1 all skill, master of offense, everweld, and battle mage for wazoo and vorpus. For most other, i get magic shield too instead of +1 all skill. That way you get to save at least 16 skill points and use those saved skill points on upgrading other necessary skills.

    For the wizard ranking:
    A tier: wazoo, athicus, morth, vorpus
    B tier: wegnus, griselda, lucritus, aliss
    C tier: andra
    Sirmin tier: sirmin
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