Scavenger update.

Something needs to be done, maybe how the system works in-game it's a little clunky atm.
But I just lost all my rings that I had worked to get. These games are NOT short...... I do not want to be doing this over and over. Yes I enjoy playing but losing things that I earned is never fun. =\
I was in the middle of a wazoo run got tired pushed home locked my screen and fell asleep. Woke up with no rings. I've had this game for quite some time, did that a million times and never once did i ever lose my rings before.


  • What device are you on?  The modern mobile OS's are a little funky about notifying when the game is being shut down (which is when everything is saved).  iOS didn't used to have this issue, it's a feature they added.

    I'm working on the problem, but to be PERFECTLY save, hit the Question Mark icon and exit the game, then shut down.
  • Using a iphone 8 plus atm, ok ty i will manually save as well.
  • Okay, thanks for the info.  I will reserve some time to just sit on my iDevice and hit home over and over again and see if I can make it happen.  It really seems to be some unique, weird circumstance.  But as soon as I figure it out, I'll update IMMEDIATELY.
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