How to farm XP ?

Hello all,

I'm fairly new to the game, so this question might have been already answered somewhere but I didntt find it.

I was quite disapointed I couldn't find a real guide answering all my questions, so I resorted on asking them here, one by one, when truly needed. The first one concerns the farming sessions.
I discovered after a few try the importance of certain skills, and the difficulty to level them up correctly. I quickly understood the fact that I shouldn't pick a skill sold by the wisdom merchant, reserving my gold for that. 

During my last run, I picked a frost mage. Since I got XP bonus rings & staff almost immediately, the "normal" run was a piece of cake. I managed to max all the skills given by the merchant, focusing my SP upon leveling on the truly important ones.
Then I got into wizard difficulty.
First, I had the impression my xp bonus didn"t apply anymore. I finished the normal difficulty level 30 (so that's 2.3 levels/floor), but I only got 3 more levels from floor 1 to floor 9 in "wizard". Is that normal ?
I didn't think much of it, considering I was still able to progress... untli I ran into the 3rd boss (the big eye one). 
The frost spell being a crowd control spell and not a really effective one for bosses, I can't kill him without the "wizard chug", but I would like to *not* use it since i'm only on wizard difficulty and consider I should be able to kill bosses without.

All of this for my simple question : is it possible to farm ? I would like to farm a few squelettons in order to win 2/3 skill points more before returning against him. Where can I do that ?


  • I don't think grinding is possible in this game.

    Also, the EXP cost increases drastically after level 30.
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    Your best bet is to pray to the exp gods there's rings higher than 100% and get 3 of them. That's what I do to level up my character early then switch over to my 3 main rings once the enemies get unbearably difficult to deal with. I have 3 100% rings but if there is a 500% gold find ring I dun see why there wouldn't be a higher exp ring.
  • Technically, you can farm xp (killing boss minions give very small xp). Though it would kill you with excessive boredum.
    What you need is teleport, magic shield, and rush. Without them, you will have big trouble with monoculous, skeleton head thingy, and solomon.
  • I managed to beat Wizard and Archmage difficulty without teleport, but Rush is indeed quite helpful against Monculus and Solomon Dark. And Magic Shield is borderline essential in general.
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    Oh I miss read him heh I thought we were talking boneyard he on keep hah whoops
  • Well, in keep, the lategame relies a lot on the items you have gathered.
    First of all, due to the wonderful magic closets, it is possible to grind up items such as the 45% damage reduction rings and the +3 to all stats staff (and the +2 to all stats rings)
    These makes it a lot easier
    With the +7 to all stats you can combine two elements, (because they keep the properties of the buffs when you merge) and then just have the +3 staff, as that should be sufficient to keep up the mana problems (as well as provide you with extra health, mana, movement speed, damage and so on if you have chosen such skills)

    I got to gauntlet difficulty doing this
  • Do keep in mind that you can only transfer items 2-3 times
    (I think it goes: real - surreal - ethereal - unreal)
    Up to ethereal there is no change in it’s effect, but at unreal it becomes unusable
  • That's the point.
    Although I think I get a pretty decent build from the start due to the wisdow merchant an a lot of coins generated by adverts, I think I need another skill or two the pass the monoculus with ease.

    I'll try to switch gear and see what's new :)
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