Fun facts about Solomon Universe

For those who basically TL;DR the various dialogues in Solomon Dark, here are some intriguing facts of the Solomon World.

1. During the First Age of Magick, wizards prevented demons from sending their troublemakers into human universe by using Hell-Targeting Sewage Disposal Portal.

2. Thorinius the Elder created frost magic because he hated children playing in his lawn. He later established a business empire using his frost magic.

3. Acid Rain is an illegally modified Magic Storm refined by fking Sirmin.

4. Claudicus, the inventor of Ether Drain spell, got sucked into the ether hole and has gone missing ever since.

5. Predomius, the inventor of Iron Golem, died of metal poisoning.

6. Turn Undead spell was created based on Paladin's turn undead. Apperently, it has some side effects with elderly and sick.

7. The scavenger you see in boneyard is Luthacus. (if anyone ever cared)

8. The witch you see in boneyard is Hagatha. 

9. Merdalf is a very famous grand wizard who wrote various books about elements like ether and earth.

10. "Lace! The Scarlet Witch's Stocking" is probably a popular +18 novel in Solomon world.

11. Some of the forbidden magicks are Necromancy, World Merging, and Income Tax.

12. One line Summary of the entire Wizard history: Wizards are morons.


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    Wait Wait wait whaaaaaaaat

  • @phrostyphace

    well... it's "modified" not "upgrade"... ...I guess the college banned it for its uselessness.
  • No wonder sirmin gets to die first. What a loser.
  • >Predomius, the inventor of Iron Golem, died of metal poisoning.

    BTW, "metal poisoning" is a joke.  Wizards speak in euphemism.
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    well, metal poisoning is an actual thing so I thought he actually died by that. I feel like Solomon games have some jokes that are difficult to realize that they are actually a joke. Before you put jokes in, you should share and test the jokes out in the forum and see if people understand or like the jokes. There are people who cares about the story and hidden jokes like me.
  • Sometimes jokes are better when hidden
  • @vvllaadd99

    but what would be the point if no one knows it is there?
  • Jokes do not need to be beta tested lol. Artists discretion sorry lol
  • If Raptisoft had a separate divison for the story and jokes, there would be no need to even consider that. However, Mr Raptis is doing most of the work alone and he should test out some jokes to people with different backgrounds to see what other audience might think about his work. Because the steam release will reveal this game to even more different players, I think it is very important for SKHD to be near perfect so that it brings even more attention to player and thus more revenues and fans for Raptisoft to continue making good games.
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    I kind of disagree with you on this one, when it comes 2 Gameplay and mechanic such things one does want to be perfect. However when it comes to an aesthetic value like in game writing, it's important for an artist's own Vision to shine. This is what makes video games reflect the vision of their creator sometimes even more then the actual gameplay. The backdrop the setting the dialogue all these things are the artist representation coming to life. If you refine them overly much it will lose some of its luster. It's important for raptisoft to make jokes that no one will get even if it's just for him so that even if few people get them it brings out his own unique persona I'm writing this on mobile phone while I wait for my daughter to come out of her friend's house so I'm going to stop now cuz it's too annoying
  • Frankly, half this thread is going into the next game.
  • @phrostyphace
    I don’t disagree your thoughts about aesthetic values but there are two things: 1. if no one sees or understand his unique persona, not only people will forget his brilliance but also some might even criticize the games inability to please the audience. 2. Because he is taking most of the burden of making this game, he would most likely to Not put focus on the story and the joke part because he is more talented on programming, the game’s main focus is not about cool story or jokes, and he has limited time to finish the whole game.

    Of course the best solution would be having someone to help him deal with the jokes and story stuff while he focuses on the programming. That way, he can both save his energy and time and get higher score on game reviews.
  • @Raptisoft

    Can’t wait to read “Lace! The Scarlet Witches Stocking” in SKHD >:)
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