My ideas for hamsterball 2 online !

Hello There!

My name is Marcin and I love hamsterball - when i was younger i played with friends a lots. Recently ive heard that for future plans u gonna make hamsterball 2 with editor! It sounds great but i have even better plans.

Have u wondered to do hamsterball 2 but with online/multiplayer options ? My dreams is to start racing with for example 12 players together, but! - everyone would be for each other kind of the ghost so u could to go and pass through everyone without crash - eventually w8 for catapult etc.

It would be extremely exiting game with full of emotions and competitions - even u could to do that on mobile phones as well online.

My opinion is that these ideas would be bulls eye! :)

What do u think about it ?



  • I would looove to make it multiplayer, but so far my experiments with it have been pretty poor, because even a little bit of lag throws everything off tremendously.  I can make it work okay on a LAN, but as soon as it's across the internet, even the 56ms delay that is pretty common ruins the game.

    I was going to do a little reading to see how MarioKart, etc, cope with this, though I think they cope with it by pre-supposing the path a car will take, assuming the player would try to stay on the road.  The nature of Hamsterball is such that I can't predict the player's path very well (not with pinball bumpers and moving enemies, etc).

  • That doesn't make any sense at all people play Street Fighter all the time over the Internet it's one a popular games on Steam

    Even a tiny bit of lag would ruin Street Fighter because it relies heavily on connecting skills within 1 or 2 frames of each other on the enemy. I have played many games in Street Fighter online and although I definitely have experience matches with lag the majority of my matches are Lag free.

    Even before these games were being run off of valve's servers people were using the ggpo netcode and playing lag free games as well so it has to definitely be possible
  • So ... we shall see then ;)

    Ps. It is possible to make HB2 in 2018 ?
  • It would depend purely on how well SKHD goes!  I would love to tell you yes-- and when I was younger it would be a given-- but I try not to predict anything at all any more.  Let me just say that I will produce as many games as I can.  I am starting to come out of my "Patents & Cubic Castles" funk though, so let's be optimistic!
  • Thank u very much and Good Luck! :)
  • I would be absolutely fine with it not being a sort of pvp/race multiplayer, I was really hoping LAN for that, what I would really want for HB 2 is to share your levels, (even share from computer to phone or iPad) I am kind of curious, would the level-check be like Geometry Dash (to check if the levels possible) I'm very exited for HB 2! :D


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    Yes, if you've played Hoggy 2's editor, what it does is it makes you play it and win... and only then can you upload it.  If you make changes after winning it, you have to win it again.
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