SB: Frost Jet level after 21 = 0

While playing Wazoo, after the Frost Jet skill reaches level 20, it does not level up.
I reached level 21 on couple plays, but after choosing, the status shows level 20 for Frost Jet.
Also, the Frost Jet level 21 shows Damage: 2/SEC Mana Cost +0...
Is this a bug?


  • Sounds like it... can you tell me a little bit more specifically about what happened?  How did you attain level 21?  The skill is hard-capped at 20.  What process did you use to get 21?
  • Maybe he maxed frost jet then used 3 +2 frost jet rings
  • Even the + rings should cap it at 20 unless something extraordinary is happening.  That's why I'm trying to figure out the exact process.

    @hamu313, if you have an Android phone and know how to browse it, uploading the save game with the level 21 frostjet in it for me somewhere would be helpful.  If you know how to do that, let me know, and I'll PM you.
  • Last time this happened to me, it was with Everweld and using Bribe
  • I'll try to duplicate it and see what happens.  In the meantime, if anyone has a savegame that has frost jet (or any other skill) over cap, if you can send it to me, I'll give you some free gold. :)
  • I'm playing on iPhone, so I'm not sure if it can be saved. I used the +2 and +1 perks to start out with, but other than that only battlemage +2 ring and 100% exp ring equipped. Just played the game normally and the Frost Jet level 21 comes up as a choice. I have a screenshot where I leveled up, if you would like to see it. Otherwise, if you could tell me how I can send you the saved data, I will try to duplicate the level 21.
  • I have had a similar problem but it was when I tried 100% damage resistance when that was a bug. I went way too far so I assumed it was not a meaningful bug, since normally players would die by then. I had the problem with fireball. It would also give me two or three of the same skill for the option on bonus skill or level up.
  • Okay, so I played again and was able to replicate the same situation. I have taken screenshots and I have the game data still alive. Please let me know what you want me to do. I selected level 21, but nothing happened to my abilities.
  • Crap... I missed that you were playing on iPhone... for some reason I expected Android.  I can't get it from you at this time...

    Can you just describe for me the process you used to get there, so that I can try to duplicate the same process here?
  • Character Wazoo.
    Perks: Sub Skills, +1 Skill, +2 Skill, Battle mage, More drops.
    Rings: 100% exp and 50% exp.

    Process: Whenever I level up and have a choice to choose the Frost Jet, I choose Frost Jet.

    Will I receive any gold for this?;)
  • If I can dupe it, yep, I'll gold you up.
  • This is, in fact, an old bug, since I had it in the pre-update version, playing as Morth, also with sub skills, +1 to all, and +2 to all. I never actually selected level 21 frost jet, since I saw the stats on it and didn't know whether that was actually what it would be, and luckily I had bribe destiny, so I could just select a different primary skill and start upgrading that for a fusion.
  • Okay, I'll look into it... but in general I'm not fixing "ancient" bugs because I want to be on SKHD, which will essentially replace both Keep AND Boneyard.
  • First primary skill which leveled to maximum can be level up more than maximum level.
  • @cistusalbidus ... if you are on the latest version, and can get a game to JUST BEFORE this happens, I would like to give you a code that will send me your save game.

    Because when I try to simply run this myself... it stops me, it doesn't get past the cap.  So there must be something special going on.
  • I'm on the latest version, and the game save is prepared.
  • i have same feeling

    it's really bug?
  • It's fixed in the most recent update.
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