SB: Stole all my quality rings!

Please help! After days of gameplay and dropping about $12 on gold I finally got three Earn 100% Experience rings and some +2 Damage/Resist 45% Damage rings only to lose them all when I started playing Wazoo and then quit without being killed. I’m devastated ... can these hard-won items be restored? Thanks for your thoughts!


  • Hi Dvorak, I will discuss in private message...

  • Thanks Rapti! Unfortunately I’m on iPhone and not particularly computer literate. Even with this setback I still love the new SB ... keep up the awesome work!

  • Shoot... can you tell me a little bit about the circumstances, so that I can try to determine the cause?

    Was it simply this?

    1. Play game
    2. Hit home button
    3. Next time you started the game, everything was gone?  (And you saw the loading bar?)
  • So I loaded most of my rings from the scavenger and my perks from the witch then chose Wazoo and entered the boneyard. Once there, I realized I wanted different perks so I exited the game and started a new one (had to choose not to restart the same game). When I went to look for my rings in the scavenger they were gone. Maybe because I didn’t actually get killed in the boneyard, I just exited while still alive?
  • @dvorak Yeah, if your wizard doesn't die and you quit the game, the wizard takes off with your rings. I was in the same boat too, a few months ago. Maybe @raptisoft can implement a Bounty Hunter price with Scavenger to charge you a pricey amount for recovering them.
  • I had this happen on my iPhone:

    I hit the home button on my phone while I had a game in progress. When I got back into the game, it had reset. When I started a new game with the same character I had been playing and visited the Scavenger, she had nothing to sell me.

    I had also just used about 10,000 gold on perks and didn’t get to use them as I hit the home button on the game in question right after I started it. I lost a find 100 more gold, find 75 more gold, 2 +50 mana recovery rings and some other rings I can’t really remember right now. Not the best rings all in all but not fun to have to get them again.

    If this could be fixed, I would be thankful.

    There was a similar incident a few days ago. I can’t truly recall the details but I believe I had actually quit that game and when I started a new game I had lost everything. I figured this was how the game worked with the updates and so decided not to not post about it. I lost a 100% xp ring and an epic +1000 health/25 damage resistance one that time.

    I hope these accounts help you work out the bugs.
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    My biggest concern is with the home button one... the game saves everything whenever you hit the home button, but there appears to be a very rare case (so rare that I can't even chase it down) where it does NOT save-- and I don't know if Apple is not sending the "app was parked" message or what.

    If you want to be utterly safe, just hit the little "?" and go back to the main menu before exiting.  And meanwhile I'll see if I can locate why this happens.
  • An update: after grinding for a few days I’ve got two 100% XP rings and am closing in on the third. Having a blast as always ... thanks everyone for the support.
  • I haven't gotten a single extraordinary ring....only 2 rares so far.
  • Try Wazoo with the following perks:
    - Perk tonic
    - Perk tonic
    - Creepy hand
    - Master of offense
    - Bribe destiny
    - +2 to all skills

    The first three level ups, choose Channel Mana
    The next six level ups, choose Battle Mage
    The next threelevel ups, choose Cone of Ice

    With this combo you should survive long enough to accumulate a bunch of new rings. Good luck!
  • You should really use "More Drops" too, if you're farming.  It's not just more drops, it's also +chance of better item from boss drops.
  • Good point!
  • When I lost my rings last night and made a complaint thread, didn’t realise there were quite a few threads about others losing their stuff....guess it’s back to the grind.
  • I'm working on this... the modern devices (and iOS is worse on this) are not reliably informing me when the home button is pressed, so I can save the game state.  For now, as a work around, always hit the '?' and exit to the main menu first, that will save everything.
  • also lost all my rings twice,

    when it happened to me last time, i had started a new char with my rings, watched the intro with Solomon dark then decided i wanted to do something else... don't know what was better than playing boneyard

    so i exited the game with the I phone home button. next time i logged in i was at the wizard selection page.

     oh well...
  • Iv had the same issue happen to me. rather than dying i quit the current game and when i came back the scavanger didnt have any of my rings. I guess you have to die in order for him to scavange which really  sucks, not sure if it is supposed to work that way or if it is a bug. I lost a 1000 percent gold ring, a 5 to damage 1 to battlemage, two 2 to battle mage rings and many lesser ones.
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