Boneyard - Third Secondary Spell

Im not sure if I am the only one who gets this bug or if it is even a bug. Whenever I add a 3rd secondary spell say teleport and it goes to the third slot, I am unable to use it while walking and can only use it while standing still. Same goes if my 3rd Spell is Magic shield I will not be able to use it while walking.


  • But the other ones are okay?
  • So far these are the only combinations that i've tested. So for example if i use morth, and i add magic shield followed by teleport. My flash freeze and magic shield can be used while walking, but teleport must be used standing
  • Hello, Im still having the same issue of not being able to use the spell while moving.
    For e.g. if i use morph, so i start with flash freeze. I then proceed to add say teleport and then meteor. I am able to use teleport and flash freeze while moving but for the 3rd spell, I will only be able to use it while stationary. Is this a bug or is it meant to be like this. Thank you
  • I thought this was fixed... it'll have to wait for the update after the next one now.
  • I seem to still have the issue. Thanks so much for working on it
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