Crash on death almost 90% of the time?

it does not seem like everyone is having this issue so i am wondering what i am doing wrong here?

i would say when i die, no matter how far i get, 90% of the time the game crashes and thus i have to restart from scratch as if i had never played that character. when i hit resume i am in town. i gained nothing from the time spent playing

anyone know why this keeps happening to me?


  • hmm have you tried reinstalling the game? Are you on ios 11? For instance im still on ios 10 and dont have this issue..
  • If you look at the category this was posted in, I believe he is talking about Solomon Dark, aka the game that was never on iOS or android.
  • that is correct mr cool bean 555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555
  • Ohhhh ok hahah i was confused bc you said town an didnt mention windows or mac os. Well then im clueless sryy
  • It's 5 5s, not 57 of them. It shouldn't be that hard to remember.
  • Yeah my game seems to crash on death as well. Not sure why. It didn't happen the first couple, but now that i'm getting the hang of it, getting to levels 25+ It crashes when I die; and once when I killed a boss, but I think that was because of setting I changed, and have since had no problem with it. I know its not a complete game, but It'd be fun to make progress as the earth mage.
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