Almost insta killed

I was on floor 7 and what I think was Solomon dark with a scythe came out of the hallway I was going to and hit me down to 1hp while I had a magic shield. Can someone explain why that happened.


  • I'm not entirely sure. It's happened to me a few times, and from what I can tell, it just sometimes happens randomly after you fully clear a floor, kind of like the banana peel. It's not actually dangerous, since it only happens after you fully clear a floor, so you have plenty of time to regenerate your health and recast magic shield.
  • Ok I sort of think it should have some rhyme or reason to it but since it's only when you clear the floor I get why it's okay to have it. Hopefully it doesn't happen on hardcore mode though
  • this is the story event, will happen in every new game :)
  • It's in the halls not the end or at the beginning and it's happened twice in one play through so I couldn't be an event
  • He does that throw off your game. Doesn't matter what you have. The point of Solomon is that he's OP. So when he hit you down to 1HP it's part of the storyline. 
  • I don't know about op. I've died to the boss before him much more then Solomon
  • Solomon's dark hit you is a normal behavior ! It's not dangerous ! This will always left you with 1 hp. It's for "stress the player" gwahahaha!
  • More accurate term for this a random encounter.
  • Perhaps not OP, but Solomon is definitely meant to be very powerful. And I'd assume that all of the bosses prior would be at least a little bit more difficult, as each of them are faced in a smaller room, and earlier on when you have less skills and such. The infamous surprise attack is almost certainly meant to be a show of power from Solomon in regards to the storyline. But as coolbeans stated already, it's really actually not dangerous, considering when and where it happens.
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