Masters Only (hints)

Masters Only is a fun level that's also challenging. I got stuck at one point and couldn't work out how to progress. Here's a few hints for those that want to beat that level.

1. The red key is a red herring. It's a distraction and I don't think you can actually get the red key. You don't need it, so ignore it!

2. When you get to the bottom of the level, there's a sea of lava. There's also a little "boat". I knew I had to rocket up through the gap at the left hand side of the sea, but was unsure how to do it. When you hop in the "boat", go to the right hand side of the boat, rocket up and you will just miss the lava. Then, move the robot over ever so slightly and you'll land on the edge of the lava. It won't kill you, but you'll flash to indicate an injury and you'd lose a heart. Now fall into the lava, rocket left and then rocket upward.

If you don't understand these instructions, then pick an easier level. This level mightn't be for masters, but it's certainly for experienced players.

Definitely worth a 4/5. Had me stumped for a while.

RWK has been a fantastic game. Can't wait for the new game to replace it.


  • I can recall playing a level by that name, not sure if I beat it but will definitely give it another go!
  • Just played this level again and I actually think I have not finished it before, probably because I was stuck at the red herring! Good level indeed.
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