What's New tab issues

Hello wonderful Hoggy community!

My "What's New" tab in the Maker Mall does not show new items anymore (last two days or so). I see the same levels, and nothing I share appears. I haven't seen any in-game comments related to this issue, so maybe it's just me. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue?

My workaround has been to search on blank fields with the "show new first" filter.



  • Hi PuzzleKnight... first off, I really enjoy your levels.

    Here's how "What's New" worked previously: It showed levels in order from newest first, and would only show you levels that were uploaded since your last visit.  I got a lot of complaints from people that their levels never were seen if they happened to upload them during a busy time (and that was true, that was a design defect).

    Currently, What's New works like this: It displays levels from OLDEST first, and shows you any levels that have not actually appeared on your list.  This means that you will basically see every single level that ever appeared, if you just keep clicking "next page."  Currently, by my internal stats, this is causing all levels to get more attention and karma, which is good... however, the downside is you have to wade through levels to clear out your what's new list.

    I am working on some solutions to that, to refine things a bit.  If you have suggestions, post them here, but remember that the goal is to get more levels seen and played and voted on so the best ones go into the hot list.

  • Thanks! Glad you like my levels. They are all built within an amazing game! So thank you!

    The switch makes sense from an overall play standpoint. Since you asked for suggestions...

    Playing on an iPhone, I only see 2.5 levels at a time, so the scrolling is a bit tedious. If I click into a level, the list renews, so I'm back to the beginning of the list. My only real suggestions would be to reduce the vertical height of each level bar for those playing on a phone (to show more levels per page) and to allow new levels to remain on the New tab for only a limited time (maybe a week? still oldest first), like the Hot tab. The same levels always appear at the top of my New tab, and I imagine they are not very new at this point, so allowing older levels to drop off would still allow the list to seem New upon a refresh. Perhaps a 4th All Levels tab?

    Just a few ideas! I'm sure experiences vary, and I think the ability to create levels is a great game feature that has kept me engaged. Overall, this is a fantastic game!

    Thanks for taking time to respond to my original discussion post. I was initially wondering if there was a setting option I missed, but now I know!

  • Hola Puzzle... making the week-long limit is easy and makes sense, so when I finish these ports I will put that in.

    For the level height-- I will probably put an option in settings.  If I reduce the height, it'll cause problems with the thumbnail, etc, but I could put in a low-fi mode that allows you to see a bunch of them, just by showing karma, author, levelname.

    The thing where it doesn't remember your position is a bug, and it'll be fixed in the update I will get done after I do the ports (schedule goes: Ports, Hoggy Update, possible Hamsterball mobile port).
  • Great! I'll keep my eyes open for some updates.

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