Two Crashing Apps level

Has anyone played or beaten this level? Is it possible. I've tried every combination I can find, but I can't find a way "out".


  • This is the Dahlo level right?  I have played it and beaten it, but it was a good long while back.
    I think I remember that the last two apps exceed the max app count and crash the app.  The trick is to beat the level without those, even though it looks tempting to get them.
  • What is the level called, "Two Crashing Apps"? And who is the creator? Searching for "two" and "dahlo" produces no results, and searching for "2" gives one result; 2 ways 2 die.

    I can't search double/triple barrel names as, ironically, RwK crashes when I try!
  • "two" and "d", it's DMD.

    I haven't finished this level myself :/
  • It's possible. The level gradually gives access to the yellow keys. Some are hard to reach, and need precisely timed jumps. There are two ways to get stuck, and two crashing apps.

    Can you share a screenshot of the area with the yellow keys? Or post the location of the last yellow key you reached?
  • Yes, DMD, how could I forget!  Sorry about that.  It was yet another fantastic level from DMD.  

    Here are the yellow keys to the left of the cat. I have gotten the 2 inner keys from here (as well as the red key). After every action I snoop around looking for alternative routes, but have only found one way to the next action.

    Where I get stuck is after killing the large red monster at the far right, and there are 4 alien boxes, of which I can only disable 3 because of a brick in the way, and using the teleport above the cat deletes the helmet. I'm about a week on this screen alone.
  • Correction. I have taken the yellow key to the right of the red key, and the yellow key 2 to the right of the cat.
  • Something is not right.
    According to the screenshot you are able to get 4 yellow keys. To the right of Kitty, the two inner keys and the one that was between the two inner keys.
    But this happens way before you should have access to the four "alien boxes". These 4 keys lead you to the area to the left of the alien boxes, with 4 yellow doors.

    Your screenshot also shows an active teleport, but no purple gem. My guess is that you are playing a resumed game. Note that RwK has an issue with resumed games and teleports.
    If I'm right, try playing the level in one go.
  • Yes it's a resumed game. I often use this resume bug for the transports, as sometimes when I drop a gem the teleport does not activate. I never use this as a cheat. Thanks for the suggestion I'll try a play in one go.
  • FINISHED! That was frustratingly difficult, but like a drug I couldn't let it go. The secret is choosing which yellow doors to open. There's one (of the four off to the right) which does not open on the bottom. So only the top opens, but the opposite 2 open together. One trick is to not waste a yellow key on the half that does not open as you can get around by setting off the explosives in that area. From here it was less difficult with a bit of trial and error.

    Bravo dmd for this level. I will return to it often.
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